Non-cash settlements: what is a check?


One way to calculate is a cashier's check. It is a payment order confirming the right of its holder to receive the specified amount of money in the bank. It is originally issued by the bank in the form of a special book, each sheet of which is an independent payment document.

What is a check

To understand exactly what a check is, you need to see it at least once. For this security, the required fields are:

  • the name "check";
  • the amount that the bank must issue to the bearer;
  • the name of the drawer and the current account number from which the money will be paid;
  • the signature of the person issuing this payment order;
  • place and date of compilation.

But it's not enough just to understand what a check is,you need to know the rules for filling it. This document is always filled by hand, the handle is blue. The only exception may be the name of the issuing organization. In this place, you can put a stamp with the name. Any mistake, blunder or correction automatically makes the check invalid: the bank will not accept it. All necessary data must be entered strictly in the places reserved for them, handwriting must be legible. Employees should not have problems when trying to disassemble the details of the payment order.

Cash Check

In addition, this document indicates the date of itsissuance, and in order to avoid correction, it must be in a two-digit format, for example, April 04. All who faced the need to fill this security and saw what a check is, know that it must specify the place of payment: in this column the settlement in which the account holder is serviced is entered.

How to cash a check

The amount to be issued is entered in words withoutany pegs, copecks are written in figures, the name of the payment currency is prescribed completely, without abbreviations. If there is still a place to the end of the line, then it must be crossed out with two longitudinal lines. It is worth noting that in each bank there is a limit on the maximum amount of payments.

The surname, name and patronymic of the recipient shall be entered indative case, the remaining space is also filled with a double dash. Put a signature on this paper is necessary in the last place. Do not risk and sign an unfilled payment order, because if it falls into the hands of an unscrupulous person who knows what a check is, you can lose a decent amount in your account.

Of course, many make mistakes when first filling out this document, blurring the necessary fields and making mistakes. But already the repeated operation usually does not cause any difficulties.

If the owner of the checkbook needs to know,how to correctly fill each of its sheets, then the bearer needs to know how to cash a check. In order to get the proper money, it is necessary to present it to the bank within ten days after the issue of this payment paper, while providing its documents. By the way, you can only receive the full amount specified in the check, you can not remove it in parts.

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