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Moscow stock exchange MICEX is currently connectedwith the RTS, because of the brokers you can hear the details occasionally. Forex brokers, whose rating is still on hearing, are in a better position, but other companies are mentioned less often today. At the moment, the designation of the MICEX-RTS is applied.

rating brokers of the Moscow stock exchange

Brokers of the MICEX, or rather, the MICEX-RTS united exchange, provide access to the stock exchange through deposits. The use of brokerage services yields earnings with a reasonable approach to the use of investments.

The MICEX currency broker will undoubtedly help youget the main capital on the MICEX-RTS with good discernment, with the difference in the rates of hard currency. Leading brokers (the rating of the Moscow stock exchange), as a rule, are banks or organizations - they provide excellent guarantees in accordance with operations with the "shoulder". Before using such a tool for money trading in a particular bank, review the criteria for accepting deposits, withdrawing funds, and find out the scope of all possible commissions. It is from these positions that the rating is formed.

Brokers of the Moscow Stock Exchange: how to choose

Choosing a broker is based on reviews of hiswork and number of clients. Certainly the reviews themselves need to be studied. It is often necessary to choose between any personal preferences and reliability. A good bank, for example, always has a large number of customers, which interacts with it according to standard schemes. A reliable bank has the opportunity to recommend special conditions to those who are interested in attracting new funds into circulation.

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MICEX Broker Commission

The recovered commission is considered a significant causewhen choosing a broker to trade on the Moscow Stock Exchange. The size of the commission differs from bank to bank, its size can reach up to 0.2% of the total turnover of funds on your account. Some of the financial institutions at the same time charge a fixed payment for the use of the account. In this case, tariffs are established directly by the bank.

Fame and rating: brokers of the Moscow stock exchange

Currently, the Moscow Financial Exchangethere are many brokers offering traders cooperation on various terms and with different tariffs. In order to make the right choice, a market participant should carefully study their rating. Brokers of the Moscow stock exchange should be well analyzed. How to get the most reliable information?

First of all, the source must beprofessional. Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to the specialization of this broker, because trade can occur with different assets. For example, you can find a list where some Forex brokers are the best. The rating will only affect their qualifications and terms of trade in currencies, and may be unreliable for binary options or other types of investment.

best forex brokers

How to evaluate the parameters?

Some ratings are composed of experienced expertsrating agencies, others - players of the trading market. There are several important parameters by which it is possible to evaluate the activity of brokers. Among them - reliability, conditions, service. For the most objective and successful choice of a financial company, it is worthwhile to study in detail the information of most ratings of financial organizations operating on the Moscow stock exchange. It is advisable to give preference to estimates with brief reviews and feedback on brokering activities. Below are the stock brokers, whose rating is confirmed by the experts of the financial market.

BCS Financial Group

One of the main leaders in all importantthe main ratings of the MICEX, is the financial company BCS. She maintains leadership on the basis of the results of each month during the last year. The leading position in the financial services market is confirmed by the volume of transactions of the broker BCS - for the amount of more than 5 trillion rubles. This figure is much higher than the data of the main competitors, and even the company's performance over the past years.

exchange brokers rating

The company's monthly turnover is about 300billion rubles, which is twice as much as other advanced brokers of the stock market. The brokerage firm is in the lead when assessing the active activity of participants in the underlying tenders, as well as when servicing a large number of clients within the stock market.

By the volume of trades on the Moscow Stock Exchange, the industry leader is the company BCS. Revolutions for analysis are recognized in full contract value.

Bank opening"

One of the most influential financialorganizations in 2016 was the bank "FC Opening." Last year, the Bank of Russia published a list of indicators for selection criteria. It looks like this:

  • volume and ratio of deposits of individuals and legal entities;
  • the amount of transactions in the interbank market;
  • Quality means arranged in other structures;
  • the size of the bank.

The results of September 2016 showed that the value ofturnover of the broker in the international market was $ 60,194 million, with the total amount of all transactions, which equals $ 116,644 million last month. This bank has offices in 90 cities, serving customers in more than 40 countries.

parm brokers rating


At the moment, Sberbank - a clear favoritebanking sector of our country. It was founded in 1841, and to date it owns one-third of all financial assets of the country. Sberbank plays an important role in the Russian economy, since it is its main creditor. This bank has 16 territorial units and approximately 17,000 units in Russia. The only thing is that PAMM-brokers are much better than him. Rating on the part of trading in other assets Sberbank is undoubtedly in charge.


This financial company was founded in 2002year, and actively conducts brokerage activities. It is registered with the Moscow Inspectorate and has all the necessary licenses for the stock activity, in particular documents confirming the rights to conduct dealer and depositary activities, as well as the right to manage securities.

Rating based on traders' opinion

Approximate number of active clients on FORTSis defined as follows. According to the market indicators, the value of newly registered accounts is calculated, and at the same time the structure of the activity of existing customers. According to active clients, the list of the best financial organizations is somewhat different. What is this rating?

leading brokers rating of the Moscow stock exchange

Brokers of the Moscow stock exchange, which should be recognized as the best (in the opinion of traders):

  1. The company "Finam", which serves 9.4 thousand active traders.
  2. The company "Otkrytie", which serves 6.8 thousand traders.
  3. BCS, which serves 5.1 thousand people.
  4. Sberbank, which serves 2.4 thousand traders.
  5. VTB24, which serves 2.3 thousand active traders.
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