Preliminary calculation of the childcare allowance can be done by yourself.


The appearance of a baby in the family is alwayslong-awaited event. Undoubtedly, caring for a child is directly related to material costs, which are partly compensated by the state through the payment of child benefits. That is why it is not at all superfluous for parents to preliminarily calculate the childcare allowance in order to, at a minimum, have an idea of ​​its size.

According to the current legislation in the field of state benefits to citizens, a child under the age of 1.5 is eligible to receive a parent who applied for a leave to care for him.

Since the beginning of last year, the calculation of the care allowancethe child has undergone some changes. In particular, the accrual is carried out, taking into account the average income of the parent for the previous 730 days. And the average earnings include all payments and fees, which are burdened with insurance premiums. So, for a person who makes a vacation this year, the monthly allowance for childcare is calculated on the basis of the accrual amount for the period from the beginning of 2010 to the end of 2011. At the same time, annual earnings are accepted that do not exceed the established limits, namely: in 2010 - 415 thousand, in 2011 - 463 thousand rubles. The figures obtained during the calculation must be summarized and divided into 730 days. Thus, we get the average daily income calculated by a simple formula: (average income (SD) in 2010 + average income (SD) in 2011): 730 days = average daily income (SDD).

In order for it to be clear, considera concrete example, how the child care allowance is calculated. So, the insured person went on maternity leave in January this year. The total income in 2010 was 267 thousand, and in 2011 - 500 thousand rubles. Summarizing these indicators, we obtain the total amount of income for the previous two years, taking into account the limiting values. Thus, we have: 267 thousand + 463 thousand (the last year's limit is 463 thousand) = 730 thousand. We divide this amount by 730 days and get 1 thousand rubles. or the amount of average daily earnings. In order to get the monthly average income, you need to average daily income multiply by 30.4. Thus, the SDS multiplied by 30.4 is equal to the average monthly earnings or 1 thousand * 30.4 = 30 thousand 400 rubles. In order to get the size of the allowance, you must multiply the average monthly earnings by 40%. So, the average monthly earnings multiplied by 40% or 30 thousand 400 rubles. * 0,4 = 12 thousand 160 rubles. Calculation of childcare allowance is ready. It will be 12 thousand 160 rubles.

Last year, for non-working people, the monthlythe allowance for a child is 2 thousand 194 rubles. 33 kop. (the first child) and 4 thousand 388 rubles. 67 cop. (second and subsequent children). From the beginning of 2011 to the end of 2012 the parent has the right to choose the algorithm by which the childcare allowance will be calculated, in particular, according to the "old" or "new" rules.

It is also worth noting that to apply with a statementon the payment of benefits should be no later than 6 months from the moment when the child turns 1.5 years old, i.e. before the execution of 2 years. In the event that an appropriate appeal has not been received, the allowance is not paid. In addition, the parent has the right to terminate the leave, but then the payment of benefits also ends. If the leave is renewed, then, respectively, the remaining part of the benefit is renewed. Also, a woman can be given the opportunity to work on a reduced schedule. In this case, the payment of benefits remains. If the insured person works simultaneously with several employers, then the "children's" are paid by one of them, at the discretion of the recipient. At the same time, it is necessary to present a document from the second employer, confirming that he does not pay benefits. As a rule, the allowance is paid monthly on the day of salary in an organization.

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