How to withdraw money from the phone if you urgently need cash?


Each of us can find ourselves in a situation whereurgently need cash, and they are only on the mobile phone account. For example, you went to rest and a little bit did not calculate your budget. And on the cell phone just the money remained. Or your employer pays you cellular services, and at the end of the month it turns out that there are a couple of thousand rubles left on the account. So why not take advantage of this? So the question arises: "How to withdraw money from the phone?"

How to withdraw money from your phone

Money from a mobile phone can be removedin several ways. A couple of years ago, special services began to appear to receive cash from a mobile account. Only after some time, cellular operators realized that in this way they simply lose good money, and provided the possibility of money transfers within their system. These operators include all known Megafon and Beeline.

How to withdraw money from the phone in the system Beeline and Megafon?

Beeline developed a whole service on his websiteunder the name "MOBI.Dengi", through which you can easily transfer money from mobile to a bank card or withdraw them in any branch of the bank using the Unistream money transfer system. Almost the same service is also available at Megafon, where money can be withdrawn through the Unistream system, and also transferred to Yandex-money and webmoney. To do this, you need to go to the company's website and use the service "Money Transfers".

In order to use the moneytransfer through the system "Unistream" from mobile operators Megafon or Beeline, you need to go to the page of this service and choose a more convenient in the location of the bank. Then you need to send an sms-message like this: [unim] [payment amount] [Ф. IO] [number of the office where you will receive the transfer].

How to cash out money from your phone

A few minutes later, the answer will bethe type of text message in which the mobile operator will ask you to confirm your payment. It will also contain a password, which you will need to provide the cashier-operator in the branch of the bank when receiving a money transfer. The transfer takes about 15 seconds, so you can go with the passport to the bank immediately after sending SMS.

These were the main ways, suggesting how to withdraw money from the phone. But there are still a couple of tricky services for getting cash from a mobile account.

For example, how to cash out money from a phoneother operators, if some of them require the SIM card to be blocked to withdraw money? And only after 10 days after this, the operator will be ready to pay with you in cash. But this, I think, will suit not everyone. After all, money is needed urgently, and it is simply impossible to wait that long. Therefore, you can use the system webmoney or kivi-purse. You can replenish your wallet in these electronic payment systems from your mobile account, regardless of the operator. On the Internet, you can withdraw money from the phone through various services, for which they take a small monetary reward.

Transfer money from phone to phone

How to withdraw money from your phone through the systemQiwi wallet? To do this, you need to go to the site of the electronic payment system, register, replenish your account with a mobile phone. After you enter the amount you need, after a couple of minutes you will be sent to the sms phone, which will contain the confirmation code. It must be sent in the response message to the operator. Literally in five minutes after that, the money from the mobile account will be transferred to the account of your kiwi-purse. After that, you can withdraw money to a bank card. The transfer to the card takes from 1 minute to 5 days, depending on the bank that issued the card.

In addition, you can simply transfer money from your phone to your friend's phone, and for that you can get cash. Everything is simple and very fast.

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