Where in Moscow to exchange rubles for hryvnia: the basic rules


To visit Ukraine it is necessary to havenational currency. It is advisable to exchange money in advance, so that unforeseen situations do not arise. Moreover, with the arrival of the proposed course is not always profitable. Where in Moscow to exchange rubles for hryvnia? There are several options for exchanging Russian money.

where in Moscow to exchange rubles for hryvnia

Exchange methods

Exchange hryvnia in Moscow is possible with the help of:

  • banks;
  • electronic money;
  • private individuals;
  • exchange offices.

Hryvnia is also needed when you need to buy goods in a Ukrainian online store. In this case, electronic money is needed.

What if I need cash?

Often the exchange of money is required when sent totrip. In Ukraine, it is undesirable, it is better to make an exchange in the Russian capital. In Moscow, you can use the services of Sberbank, where the rate is always profitable. Now for 1 hryvnia have to pay about 2.5 rubles. To do this, visit a large office. Where in Moscow to exchange rubles for hryvnia? You can do this at the following addresses:

  • On the street Vavilov, house 19.
  • On the street Bolshaya Andronievskaya, 6.

how much does a hryvnia

You can find other addresses by calling to the office or to the hotline. For a profitable exchange, you need to change money in part, and transfer the rest after arrival in Ukraine.

Offices of banks

At the Kiev railway station there are many exchange offices offering favorable conditions. You can contact the following institutions:

  • AKB "New Credit Union";
  • MAST-Bank;
  • "Greenfield Bank";
  • "Logos";
  • "Education";
  • International Settlement Bank.

These institutions perform calculations without commission, which is much more advantageous than other methods.

Use of bank cards

Where in Moscow to exchange rubles for hryvnia?There is also another option - the use of a plastic card. At the place of stay there is the possibility of withdrawing cash in the required currency. One obstacle is the bank's prohibition to use the card in Ukraine. It is only necessary to contact a specialist on the hotline, so that this problem disappears. Her number is on the map and the official website.

Although there are rubles in the account, the devicewill automatically give out hryvnia. But all the same it is desirable to pre-exchange funds. If you plan a trip to a small town, you should not rely on a plastic card. They are not accepted everywhere.

Electronic money

Where in Moscow to exchange rubles for hryvnia?It is not necessary to exchange cash for making a purchase. It is advisable to pay for the purchase with electronic money. Such operations can be performed from anywhere in the world. It is most convenient to do this with WebMoney. It is only necessary to register a purse with Russian and Ukrainian money.

Exchange is carried out by means of funds transfer fromone system to another. The site has a special service. A small commission is charged for services. You just need to replenish the ruble account. You can do it from other electronic wallets, for example, with "Kiwi", a bank card. Now there are many items of replenishment of wallets.

exchange of hryvnia in Moscow

You can use electronic means toreceive Ukrainian money at the place of arrival. This option is attractive for those who are met at the station by relatives. You can replenish the "Kiwi" at home or transfer money from it to the card of the Ukrainian bank. Only then will have to pay a commission - 50 rubles and 2%. After arrival, trusted people are removed from the card and given out in cash.

The rate of hryvnia

How much does the hryvnia cost?The course is always different, it all depends on the economic situation. It is this that determines the benefit in the exchange of funds. How much does the hryvnia cost in February? February 27, 2017 the rate is equal to 2.13 rubles. It is more profitable to transfer money to banks than to retail outlets.

Sberbank services

If you need to exchange funds, it is better to contact Sberbank. The hryvnia to the ruble there is the most profitable. There are several ways to do this:

  • In the office of the bank. It is necessary to apply to the employee with a passport, after which the contract will be signed. If the right currency is not available at the moment, you can order it.
  • By means of terminals-exchangers. It does not require documents, you just need to follow the prompts on the screen.
  • Online banking. This way you can buy Ukrainian hryvnia, and all the necessary information can be obtained on the site.

Each of these methods is convenient in its own way.Now many operations are more profitable to do over the Internet. If you can exchange rubles for hryvnia, then you do not have to worry about the trip to Ukraine. In this country they are sure to come in handy.

the hryvnia to the ruble

Hryvnia is famous not only for its rich history, but also for itsthe status of the most beautiful currency. It was first mentioned in Kievan Rus. The name came from gold jewelry. Later, its name began to apply to silver. Now when traveling to Ukraine you need to have hryvnia, since all calculations are made in this currency. Although there you can exchange money, but the rate may be unprofitable. There are exchange points in every city. When entering Ukraine with grivnas there will be no problems.

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