1C accounting - a program of universalaccounting, which consists of the newest version of 1C Enterprise 8, as well as the configuration of accounting enterprises. Such a program is intended to automate tax and accounting, retail, accounting and wholesale trade.
The UNF program 1c is designed toto intensify the process of tax reporting and regulate reporting in those organizations that implement and include the preparation of this kind of reporting in those enterprises and organizations that are able to carry out commercial activities, including retail and wholesale trade, provide production services.

Program 1C accounting includes a number ofreporting documents and general summary tables in a form acceptable to the head. The purchase of such a program allows you to get an additional set of services that will allow you to start working at a fast pace in a given direction.
Installation and delivery of the program is carried out at the most convenient time for you in the main training centers.

Training in the center lasts about six months andis accompanied by the study of information and technological support, Internet support is also actively used in the work of such a program, the transfer is carried out by sending emails.
hot Line of consultations 1C on work with the program,
preferential purchase of software products of the following versions.
Specially created hot line of software products 1C UNF. It is acquired by many programmers and employees of the trade sphere with the aim of qualitatively planning the activities of their organization, as well as exercising control over it.

Managing a small company using the 1C program is a very convenient solution for your business, it is very suitable for operational management in a small business enterprise.
This kind of program contains the mostnecessary elements in order to be able to keep an operational record, analysis of data control. A solution that is not overloaded with the functionality can be easily configured to ensure that the company can perform a quick start and carry out daily work.

Generalized data are stored in the database of informationknowledge, this allows several times to increase the performance of companies, and also helps its employees to provide a number of opportunities for very fruitful activity.
Program 1C is registered as something ready withalready planned order of the enterprise's functioning, the obligations to customers are ordered in it. The status of orders, orders of customers, as well as the planned loading of one or another equipment, also already there are already created work schedules, sales plans and much more.

In the 1C program, company management is already registeredready business transactions and events. Commitment to customers and orders of buyers, as well as the status of such orders and schedules for the provision of finished results
Such a program provides for the legal registration of the primary documentation of warehouse and production and trade records.
Reporting in the widest possible range allows owners and managers to ensure that they receive quick information with the necessary detail in the online mode.

The program is not designed for accounting and tax accounting - for these purposes, you can use "1C: Accounting 8", which automatically transmits the necessary information from the UNF.
The program is not intended for a number of companies in thethe field of private business, which operates as independent businessmen. This kind of innovation and change within the business helps to reconfigure the program to reduce significant time and money.

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