When and where to sell coins - a few tips


At some point, every collector is askedthe question of how much is his meeting. And it does not matter if he collects paintings, Christmas toys or coins. There are also situations in life when people are in dire need of money, and, therefore, he must part with his collection. When, however, and where to sell coins is most profitable?

where to sell coins
It is difficult to accurately predict when exactly the costnumismatic collection will be higher. In this industry, you can see some trends: prices are declining in the summer and before Christmas, because many during this period sell part of the collection to help out cash, for example, on vacation or a gift for loved ones.
Sale of old coins becomes more profitableIn autumn, when the new Fischer catalog comes out. It is then profitable to leave your collection. Of course, a lot depends on the condition, safety of bank notes and age.

sale of old coins

Now buying and selling coins most oftenis carried out through popular auction sites. This is perhaps the best solution, because many collectors gather there. However, you must reckon with unfair competition, which is likely to knock down the price of numismatic items. If you are not sure where to sell the coins, then definitely you can advise: not in the market (collector's or flea-market). Especially if you are not sure about the real value of your collection. If you have a whole series of coins, it is more profitable to sell them separately. In particular, if they are valuable items. This solution is recommended for two reasons. The first - a whole series is bought by people who are just starting their adventure with numismatics, and they do not always have the necessary financial resources. People who have long been keen on collecting, look for markets and auctions usually only those samples that they do not already have, it is not profitable for them to buy all the series.

purchase and sale of coins
If you decide where to sell the coins, then by selling them separately, you can earn more money.

Not all collectors (especially the elderly)are interested and able to use the Internet. Most often they have their own channels - antique markets and shops. Another of the successful decisions, where to sell coins, is the bank. Especially it makes sense in the event that the subject of the collection is expensive and rare. Some banks are not only selling, but also buying up coins. The numismatists' forums also ask the question of where to sell coins. There are such places as specialized shops, online auctions and message boards. It is not difficult to guess that through portals (for example, city) you can also sell your collection. But here bulletin boards (such as Avito, Slando and others) lose in comparison with specialized forums and sites. Most often, newcomers go there to buy, therefore, they may not offer the price that suits you. You can also use foreign auctions. Both large financial enterprises and independent entrepreneurs organize sale of coins through auction houses and sites (for example, "Yukoins", "Alexander", "Poltinka", "Hermes" - the list can be continued indefinitely). It is important to choose for yourself exactly the way that will allow you to be sure of an honest price and professional conduct of the transaction.

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