Sberbank brokers: customer reviews


Today, no one is surprised by deposit accounts in different currencies. But investments in the form of investments are not yet so popular, but are rapidly gaining momentum.

In this kind of activity, many pitfalls. And it will be difficult to manage without help. Naturally, we need an intermediary, that is, a broker. And not bad coping with their work, judging by the reviews, the brokers of Sberbank.

brokers of the savings bank reviews

How to choose a broker

Experts recommend first of all to pay attention to the following indicators:

  1. The reputation of the organization and the rating of its reliability.
  2. Ease of work with it and professional quality of employees.
  3. Prices for packages of services (including on standard), including commissions.
  4. User reviews.

Why Sberbank?

The main indicator is reputation. In confirmation, you can see the turnover of the bank's trading operations on the stock exchange. These data are freely available on one of the portals of the Moscow Stock Exchange. The section is called "Leading Operators": Top-20.

sberbank broker customer testimonials

The next item is the number of people involvedcustomers. Both indicators show that Sberbank is among the top five operators. This has a positive effect on customer feedback on Sberbank brokers.

broker sberbank russia reviews

Sberbank CIB (corporate investment businessSberbank) has been offering brokerage services for clients for many years, who prefer to personally manage their capital. All operations are performed online and from anywhere in the world. A wide network of customer service offices across the country provides a unique opportunity to work in the global financial markets.

Offers from the Sberbank broker (Moscow)

A credit institution as an intermediary givesthe opportunity to apply to a specialized 24-hour "trade-desks" service. Applications are accepted both by phone and through the QUIK system. This is a well-known trade and information system, the software of which must be installed on a computer. QUIK works through the Internet.

Sberbank as a broker provides such services as:

  • Making unsecured transactions. This is a margin trade with which transactions with securities are available, the volume of which exceeds the value of the investor's assets (money or securities).
  • REPO. That is, over-the-counter transactions, which are considered an alternative to lending operations on security of securities. The deal provides an opportunity to promptly cash out money from existing securities in a personal portfolio.
  • Transaction OTC-REPO-overnight. With its help, you can get additional income in the form of 2% per annum from securities in your personal portfolio (short-term placed).

At the moment, there are both positive and negative reviews about the services of Sberbank brokers.

brokers of the Savings Bank of Moscow

Sberbank cooperates with well-known trading floors, which allows you to make transactions with a variety of financial instruments. Trading platforms available to Sberbank customers include:

  • "The main market", belonging to the group of stock markets of the Moscow Stock Exchange. Here, bonds are traded in subfederal, municipal and corporate bonds, as well as in shares.
  • "Urgent market" (with access to futures and options contracts).
  • OTC market (traded in Eurobonds, shares (shares) of foreign investment funds and depositary receipts).

Choose an account

Brokers of Sberbank for trading on trading floors offer their customers two categories of accounts:

  1. Main. It includes simple brokerage accounts.
  2. Special. It includes investment accounts and individual accounts.

The Bidder has the right to open twoaccounts at the same time. Accounts of the first category when working on the site reflect all ongoing transactions with securities, show real-time cash flows and the results of operations performed (including for a certain period).

In the reviews of the brokers of Sberbank of Russia, manyindicate that the individual account has some tax benefits. In addition, there are restrictions on the amount of enrollment: it should not exceed 400,000 rubles.

broker of the Savings Bank of Russia

Open an account

Opening an account allows Sberbank to becomethe intermediary of the client on the commercial exchange. To do this, you need to report personally to the branch of the financial and credit institution and write a statement, which must include the telephone number and the current electronic mailbox. On it, the bank will send confirmation for transactions and financial reports. In addition, a bank specialist will need a passport, a plastic card of the future broker and his identification number.

After opening an account with the help of the bank manager or independently it is necessary to receive the account details in the terminal. The whole procedure takes no more than half an hour.

Judging by the reviews, Sberbank brokers do not limit the size of the lower limit of the brokerage account. It depends on the willingness and solvency of the client.

Addresses and phone numbers of branches and branches of Sberbank, where they work with brokerage accounts, can be found on the official portal of the credit institution.

sberbank broker reviews of traders

Account opened. Now what?

Upon termination of registration of the account the bank is obliged to give out to the client:

  • conditions of tariff plans for depository services;
  • a declaration on possible risks in the securities market;
  • completed investor questionnaire;
  • list of remuneration to the bank for brokerage activities;
  • a card with the code table of the investor and a copy of its acceptance certificate;
  • a copy of the application written by the investor for brokerage services.

Now, on a legal basis, you can attract a bank as a broker and start learning the basics of investing by pre-installing the QUIK system software.

Cost of services

For their help in investing, creditinstitutions take some reward. His main rule, judging by the reviews of the brokers of Sberbank, is that the size of the deposit decreases with an increase in the contribution. Another case of a decrease in remuneration is the excess of the daily turnover of 50 thousand rubles.

Sberbank broker reviews

For Clients

Most of the reviews indicate the convenience of working with the company. And indeed, there are plenty of pluses:

  • the procedure for completing the application is simple, and its processing takes place as soon as possible;
  • a large number of trading terminals;
  • Informational support for beginning investors;
  • competent technical support;
  • the ability to conduct analysis of operations at the professional level;
  • availability of tools that allow remote workflow;
  • the creation of mechanisms that monitor in real time the state of the ongoing transaction;
  • presence of personal cabinet and personal assistant - investor;
  • sufficient number of services for withdrawal and deposit of funds.

Personal Area

Sberbank of Russia as a broker has practicallyperfect personal office. It is based on the QUIK system and allows you to monitor quotations and movements in the accounts, as well as use various additional options. And all this in real time. Plus, Sberbank has posted a large detailed instruction that allows to correctly install the QUIK system and correctly use it.

A spoon of tar

On many sites, including the official portalSberbank, write that he has good performance in all positions. That it takes already not the first year a place of honor among the ten largest brokers. For two years the Bank has been holding training seminars on individual investment accounts (IIS).

The management company with which theagreement on trust management - CC Sberbank Asset Management, offers customers two lines of IIS development. Agreements are also concluded with it for investing in mutual funds. And so on and so forth.


Among the opinions of traders about Sberbank as a brokernot so often there are positive. A common opinion is expressed that the tariffs on the MICEX are very inflated, it is impossible to open remotely the account, there is no single account and currency section.

Beginners often write that there is no strength to endureconstant fees: commission for the opening and closing of the transaction (and not one), plus to it 149 rubles a month for the first opening or closing of the transaction and, of course, 13%. As a result, there is no profit at all. If you print in parts, 13% withdraw through time, after the call the manager calls and asks to pay the debts for the tax. With a minus transaction, too, levy a tax and even with the withdrawal of own funds (not profits).

Those who are at auction a little longer, talk aboutmanagers, whose words "Quick" and "Futures" scare to horror. They send one to the other, and, as usual, it is not possible to receive the information either by tariffs or by current transactions.

Both beginners and guardians converge in a single opinion: there is an artificial creation of problems for customers. It happens that the account is mistakenly frozen, and you can learn about this only during the purchase. And even when the situation clears up, the account is not opened immediately, but for several weeks.

There are also such reviews about the work of the brokers of Sberbank,in which customers complain about the impossibility of a quick withdrawal or the creation of an application. At the same time the server stays free, but money leaves. In this situation, many quickly change the broker.

Brokerage brokers are sure that the server"Hang" on purpose, as soon as volatility rises. Then the connection is interrupted. They believe that this broker is not able to provide a fast, and most importantly, a stable entry into the market. But the strangest thing is that, it seems, does not want to ...

A lot of indignant reviews about rudeness. And the conversation is not about one or two managers, but about the large number of employees in different cities and branches. Traders and investors interpret this position of the bank's specialists as a desire to get rid of them.

And what in the end? As a result, the competence of managers and traders-consultants is estimated at one and a half points out of ten. Adequacy of tariffs and additional services - one point. And even according to the sum of all the parameters, Sberbank's brokers do not even hold up to two of the same ten points.

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