Maintaining tax accounting


Each organization that deals with commercialactivity, it is necessary to maintain tax accounting. It is designed to accumulate all incoming information about the enterprise's income in order to create a clear tax base, which is used in calculating the profit tax.

tax accounting

The conduct of tax accounting must be subject toprinciples of accuracy, objectivity, fairness, impartiality. In the course of his work the specialist uses all the primary documentation, structures it and draws up appropriate reports. As the object of accounting can be identified not only income in money equivalent, as well as property and existing liabilities. Moreover, this process is considered only an integral part included in the accounting records, and therefore, is subject to uniform rules, approved in the legislative order.

accounting records keeping

If we talk about the system of document circulation, then inThere are also rules in this area that are mandatory for implementation. For example, every transaction of an economic entity must be timely reflected in its financial statements, the information must be accurate and accurate. Filling of standard forms is carried out with special care, so that a specialist can draw unambiguous conclusions, that is, the ambiguity of judgments is unacceptable. The conduct of tax accounting assumes the availability of information representing commercial secrets. Such documents are kept in a special way and are given out to employees only under personal responsibility. As a rule, unified reporting forms are used, so that inspection bodies or external users can quickly process the received data.

Today, development is of paramount importancemodern technologies, therefore, often keeping records of both accounting and tax is carried out electronically. A specialist is responsible for the correctness and reliability (reliability) of input materials and their competent processing. Moreover, tax accounting can be built in two ways: autonomous (conducted separately from the accounting) and created on the basis of the already introduced accounting. In the first case, the entrepreneur will have to double his expenses, as the staff increases, and the same information is processed twice. In this regard, this system is used extremely rarely, mainly in large companies. The second method allows you to save some of the financial resources and direct them to expand the business or improve the existing base.

record keeping

Tax accounting is more often concentrated ontracing of incomes and expenses of the businessman. At the end of the reporting period, the profit received from the main activity of the enterprise, as well as the proceeds from the sale of unused property, leases and other operations are calculated. This indicator is included in the tax base, and is subsequently used as a basis for calculating the amounts that must be transferred to the budget and extrabudgetary funds. The correction is allowed only if there is a special signature confirming the legality of the adjustment.

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