Do you know how to cash out money from WebMoney?


Now you will not surprise anyone with electronic money. People earn them online. This is convenient if you need to buy something online or pay for a service. Many people are interested in knowing, for example, how to cash out money from WebMoney. Let's consider some ways of a conclusion of means on an example of the R-purse working with rubles. Interesting are the options in which people do not pay income tax.

Money on WebMoney without commission

A little about taxes

If a person has electronic money, thenThis revenue (especially when it is cashed through official organizations) can pay attention to the tax authorities. They will not look at your costs, they are interested in profit. For example, a person spent on the domain and hosting for the year 1,5 thousand rubles. And the income received for the same period amounted to only 1000 rubles. Obviously, the site was unprofitable, but tax officials can state that they do not know the costs, but the person's additional profit is one thousand rubles, you have to pay 130 rubles. 1500 rubles - this is the same cost as the cost of food, clothing. However, taxes are a separate topic for conversation.

Some options

Let's return to how to cash out money from WebMoney. The best way is to find a friend you trust who needs electronic money, for example, to buy goods on the Internet. He will give you cash, and you will transfer the necessary amount to the R-purse. In this case, you will lose only 0.8 percent of the total cashed amount. Find out among friends and relatives who often have to replenish their electronic means - your proposal may interest them. In addition, this method allows you to cash out not only rubles - you just need to agree on an exchange rate. The minuses of such an exchange are:

  • Sometimes it's hard to find such a friend.
  • One person may need only a small amount of money, then you have to look for a second person or to look for another way, how to cash out money from WebMoney.
    How to cash out with WebMoney

It is possible to derive the electronicfunds through the exchange points. They can be unauthorized, which means that you can become a victim of fraud. It is better to go to the official WebMoney site and see the list of issuance points. Try to avoid sharing in such suspicious places as apartments, basements or informal organizations in basements on the outskirts of the city. It is better that these are the central offices, which you can visit during the day. Funds from their wallet to their account should be listed only if there is a code of protection. Agree in advance about the time of visit, so that they have prepared the right amount of money for you. If the company is honest, then the money immediately put in front of you, it remains only to say the code that will be entered into a special line of input. After that, your funds will go to their electronic wallet. You can ask for a passport, and for an amount that exceeds $ 2,000, they will also check to see if the data is the same as the one in your account. What is it for? It is believed that such organizations pay all taxes, this is necessary for reporting. If you often withdraw large amounts, then you may be interested in the relevant authorities.

other methods

Many people are interested in knowing how to cash out money fromWebMoney at the post office. The withdrawal of funds through such transfers is very slow, from 3 to 5 days. At the same time, you will lose about 3.3%. You need a personal or an initial certificate, but there is still a limit on the amount deducted for the day. Mail on request can pass information to tax authorities. Therefore, if you have decent incomes, it is better not to violate the law.

There is still the possibility of withdrawing electronic funds through money transfer systems: UniStream, Leader, Anelik, Western Union and many others.

How to transfer money from WebMoney

Let's look at the most interesting way. How to transfer money from WebMoney to a bank account and a plastic card? Many people like this method because of the absence of a commission. There are several options.

  1. Withdraw money from the R-purse to your bank account or to a regular card. This is done quickly (for a period of 1 to 24 hours).
  2. Some banks allow a specialaccount, which is tied to R-purses. Conclusion of up to 2 days, requires a certificate at least formal. This allows you to make such banks: "Discovery", "Alfa-Bank" and many others. On the websites of banks everything is told in detail. Find out what opportunities are in your city.

Recharge your electronic wallet can be differentways. For example, through the Internet bank, from your mobile, with the help of money transfer, terminal, transfer, WM-cards. Carefully read all the conditions, there are ways to put money on WebMoney without commission.

There are a lot of payment systems on the Internet, WebMoney is very popular among the population of the former USSR, as it is reliable and quite simple to use.

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