Binary options, brokers are the best: rating, reviews


Today, the trade carried out by binaryoptions, can provide investors with huge opportunities that can be realized thanks to a good broker. The correct choice of it not only contributes to a quick stable earnings, but also will improve your professionalism in trading. If we consider binary options, brokers (the best) should be studied very carefully.

How to make an unmistakable choice?

It is worth noting that very flawless brokerscan not be. Any trading platform gives a range of tools that have their own characteristics. For this reason, the most successful traders resort to the services of several brokers, using several trading combinations in parallel. This allows you to make up for the disadvantages of one platform with the advantages of the other.

binary options brokers best

Obviously, the broker's choice should be madewith a serious approach. It should always be remembered that the whole future perspective will depend on this choice. And first of all it is necessary to study the rating of companies that offer their services in such a sphere as binary options. Brokers (the best) must meet certain criteria.

By what criteria is the choice made?

The shortest list of details, which should certainly pay attention, is as follows:

  • withdrawal of funds;
  • customer service;
  • commission;
  • the interface in which the trading platform is running;
  • technical support;
  • the degree of security of your data.

binomo binary options broker

The main parameters of choosing a broker for eachtrader (beginner or professional) should be reliable, fast and high-quality customer support, a well-equipped and convenient interface, as well as confidentiality. All this plays a crucial role for the successful trading of assets such as binary options.

Brokers are the best - how to define them?

Only the broker who is reliable can be considered reliableallows you to make a quick withdrawal of earned money, and offers several ways to do it. It's no secret that some potential investors can not decide to start trading binary options precisely because of financial concerns. To dispel such suspicions, you should stop your choice on brokers, making monetary conclusions on electronic wallets, bank cards or through electronic transfers. Also, attention should be paid to the existence of a commission that is present in the withdrawal of funds in some cases for binary options. Brokers, the best in this regard, do not charge any additional amounts when making transactions, and also when withdrawing.

Support on the site

Another important criterion is the speedtechnical support. Any investor, regardless of his experience in trading, will face certain issues that can affect both technical and material aspects. It is possible that such problems as system failure, delay in payment when withdrawing, the desire to use a new instrument for trading, and so on. Qualitative and timely support in such cases not only provides peace of mind for the trading participant, but also protects the money earned by him, since in binary options a big role can play even seconds.

binary options broker with minimum deposit

In addition, the trade in binary options goes toany time of day, which means the need for round-the-clock support. It can be expressed both in the form of an online service (correspondence via e-mail or in chat) or in the form of a hot telephone line. Its main goal is a very fast and correct reaction to incoming messages.

Specialists working in technical support,must necessarily understand the trade on the exchange in general, and not only in technical and financial matters. Only in this case the trader will have the opportunity to fully discuss the problem using professional terminology and get the necessary advice on the platform's operation. Also, you can learn in detail the features of transactions and binary options. Russian brokers, as a rule, are capable of continuous rendering of such a service.

The role of the interface

When implementing a broker's choice, much depends andfrom the quality of the interface of the platform. This is due to the fact that the trade takes a long time, and a simple comfortable picture before your eyes will have a favorable impact on both the moral state of the trader and his profit. Most brokers offer one of the options for trading with a very short expiration time, in which everything depends on the speed of decision making. With this trade, any technical complexity may be the cause of loss of profits.

binary options Russian brokers

The interface should contain all necessaryinformation that will allow you to quickly make a responsible decision, but unnecessary details are completely unnecessary. This will only reduce the effectiveness of trade. In order to make the right decisions, the emotional spirit should be the trader's correct and even. For this reason, the platform interface can be compared to a workstation that simply has to be comfortable.

Some brokers allow you to study wellFeatures such activities, offering to initially try out the trade on the demo account. In this case, transactions are made with virtual money, and there is no loss of profit. However, some experts say that this will not give full-fledged training. From this point of view, the best option for beginners can be a binary option broker with a minimum deposit.

privacy policy

In addition, a fairly important parameter when choosingbroker acts and the confidentiality that it provides regarding the personal information of the investor. The account, the state of the account, the amounts that were withdrawn - all this is classified information, and there is no right to disclose its brokers. Such confidentiality is a strictly obligatory factor. Any broker must provide you with such guarantees.

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Also among the factors of importance aretraining on the broker's website and information support. Some platforms offer regular acquaintance with the distribution of news relevant for trading on the exchange, and also regularly conduct certain training webinars.

As follows from the foregoing, when choosing a brokerIt is necessary to take a balanced and strictly objective decision. It takes some time to study the chosen platform, but this is a necessary condition. In order for the trade to be successful, you must take into account all the circumstances.

The most famous representatives

To date, the top binary options of brokers can be represented as follows:

  • Olymp Trade.
  • Binomo.
  • Finmax.
  • 24 option.
  • Alpari.
  • IQ Option.
  • "Binary".
  • Utrader.

Top binary options brokers for todayThe day is led by OlympTrade and Binomo. Which one will be the most suitable? This choice should be made by the trader independently, depending on trading experience and planned deposits.

Olymp Trade

Broker of binary options "Olymp Trade"registered in the territory of Cyprus and, accordingly, works under the laws of this republic. The activity of this broker began recently, in 2014, but almost immediately he received a lot of good reviews. The activities of the CROFR are regulated, which only confirms its seriousness and high-quality work. The platform for trading OlympTrade is designed for the work of Russian-speaking traders, and the customer service accepts tickets around the clock. As follows from the reviews, a positive feature of this broker can also be called favorable terms for the commencement of trade. To make the first deals, it's enough to have only $ 10 on your account.

olymp trade binary options broker

The trading operations can be made at allsmall amounts - from one dollar. The platform for trading is very simple and has high functionality. This broker of binary options, feedback about which is positive, is ideal for beginners, as the trading process is easy and does not cause great difficulties.

However, the broker offers only onea variety of contracts for trade. Only Call-Put options are available, other transactions can not be made. The choice of the underlying asset is also somewhat limited - you can not select more than thirty. The expiration time offers a minimum period of one minute for the contract, the maximum is one hour. Thus, this broker is most suitable for beginners.


The binary options broker operates according to the rules,the most close to the action of classical exchanges, but the transactions made are simpler. How do you trade? The trader makes a certain prediction about the closing of the asset at a price different from the current one (lower or higher). Binomo (the binary option broker) provides an opportunity to work with the basic exchange assets: currency pairs, company shares, and leading indexes. According to reviews, its marketplace looks extremely simple and functional.

How to trade, you can immediately guessintuitively immediately after the opening of the site. There is a step-by-step instruction with an extremely easy explanation. The platform is designed for Russian-speaking traders, and the support service in all cases gives quality answers to questions. In order to start trading here, you will need to go through the registration procedure, deposit the starting amount and place the payment data. These actions do not cause any difficulties.

Russian brokers

In Russia, in most casesRepresentatives of foreign companies operate, but national brokers also enter the market. Perhaps, the largest of them is Grand Capital, which opened in St. Petersburg in 2006. The company offers its services not only in the Forex market, but also in the sphere of binary options trading. The deposit can be very small, and some of the available terms for trading can contribute to generating high profits.

top binary options brokers

Also, according to reviews of traders, attentiondeserves a company like Binaryium. Here you can start trading with only $ 9 on the account, and the amount of transactions you make starts from one dollar.

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