Home-made masterclass: how to sew without a pattern of dresses


Sewing without a pattern is entirely possible. For this, of course, you need to be friends with a thread-needle, scissors, it is desirable to have a sewing machine and other tools of tailoring set.

A few recommendations

sew without a pattern of dress
Of course, to cope on your own with workbeginners difficult. Sewing without a dress pattern is not an easy task. For this, it is necessary to calculate the quantity of matter correctly. If you do not plan to make a mini and tight-fitting, then for a normal outfit of medium length you need 2.5 to 3 meters of fabric. Plus from one and a half to two meters of accessories for finishing, if it is planned (it means different braids, colored lacing, lace, etc.). It is easy to sew without a pattern of dress, if they are straight silhouettes, whole-cut or in the style of "hoodie" tunics. Armed with only a shallow and centimeter, directly on the material it is much more convenient to find skirts-four-blades, "sun-flap", "pencil", than other styles. In general, the simpler the cut, the more confidence that the result will be qualitative. And more choice of material - he also plays a significant role in the tailoring business.
sew without pattern
Masters who only master the basicsart, it is worth starting to learn how to sew without a pattern dresses made of silk, knitwear and other fabrics that fit well in the figure. And in the first place is a stretch. The last recommendation: before you get your hand and joking to deal with the most refined fashion trends, as a model, use those outfits that "sit" on you perfectly. Attaching them to the fabric and outlining the silhouette, cut out the blanks from which you will sew without a pattern of dress or tops, skirts.

A little black dress

First, let's try to build a classic small black dress. It is best to buy a knit jersey orstretch fabric. Meter 2 certainly will be enough. Fold the material twice on the table for cutting, attach a thing that is wrapped around you, circle the silhouette. Extend the bottom line, figuring out how long the outfit wants. We will make a reservation: the proposed version of the dress - neckline, without shoulders and strapless. It's easiest to sew without a pattern and without experience. Next, measure out, chalk or a piece of candles, mark by centimeter on the seam. Naturally, make all the marks from the wrong side. You will have only one seam on your back. When the measurements are taken, cut the fabric, sweep it and try it on.

sew a dress without a pattern
Everything okay? Then go to the typewriter and sew a dress without a pattern on it. Or sew your hands with a needle. If the fabric is monophonic, garnish with a bright applique. Or put on a string of beads, necklaces, decorative chain or other decoration. A bra under the outfit is needed on bones, with transparent straps or on straps with rhinestones. Then you do not have to worry about the rest of the jewelry.

Dress with a lush skirt

we sew a children's dress without a pattern
Another interesting version of the homemade attire -dress with a lush skirt. We sew a dress without a pattern just like the first, only this consists of a bodice and a skirt. Leaf too, without shoulders. Take 3 meters of silk. Cut 1 meter, fold in half and sew a bodice from top to bottom. Do the same with the second cut off on the skirt. Now measure one and a half centimeters at the top of the bodice, lay the material and sew it (there you put in the rubber so that it does not slip from the chest), and at the top of the skirt - also for gum. Combine both pieces of the dress, pull in the elastic bands and put on. Happened? Then iron out well and rejoice at your new side.

Good luck in the tailoring business!

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