Children's crafts made of chestnuts and cones


In children's creativity manyimprovised materials. Especially appreciated are those that you can find yourself. The children are interested in collecting them, presenting at that time what can come out of a leaf, driftwood or cones. Well, they like adults for their accessibility and environmental friendliness. Often used materials such as cones and chestnuts. The received toys can become an ornament of a children's room, and if it will be possible to save them till the winter they will take a worthy place on a fur-tree.

crafts from chestnuts and cones
Features of working with cones

Before to start creativity, children needexplain that over time due to drying the cones will begin to unfold, so the resulting article is deformed. To avoid this, the cones are lowered for a short time into the heated joiner glue. After that they have to be dried and you can start work. Particularly expressive are the figures of animals.

Crafts made of chestnuts and cones. "Funny hedgehog"

A number of materials will be required for the work.

  • 10-15 cones, approximately the same size.
  • A sheet of dense cardboard or plastic.
  • A small stone of black color.
  • 10-20 acorns.
  • Plasticine is white, black and red.

Crafts made of cones and chestnuts. Manufacturing
crafts from cones and chestnuts

First, from clay plastic, make a hedgehog.Form a sharp muzzle, attach a black pebble to the nose. From black plasticine make round eyes, and from red - mouth. Arrange these details on the muzzle. Cones thrust vertically into the hedgehog's body with a sharp end up. A little back from the peephole, insert into the clay acorn, it will be a haircut in the form of a mohawk. Place the resulting figure on a sheet of cardboard or plastic.

Crafts from chestnuts and cones

From chestnuts turn out not less amusinglittle animals, little men, birds, insects. Because of the small size of the fruit, you can make compositions, which will accommodate several figures at once. To join details follows plasticine or matches, piercing chestnuts with an awl. It is better to collect fruits, only fallen from trees, they are softer and easier to work with.

Crafts made of chestnuts and cones. "Merry caterpillar"

Prepare the necessary materials.

  • 7 fruits of chestnuts.
  • Colored clay.
  • Awl.
  • Matches.
  • Patterned large leaves for the stand.

How to make a craft of chestnuts. Manufacturing process

Chestnuts are connected to each other in a formcaterpillars. You can do this with the help of plasticine, and you can pierce them with an awl and fix them with matches. The junction is decorated with a colored plasticine in the form of rings. In the upper part of the chestnut, which depicts the head, piercings are made by an awl. They are inserted matches that represent horns. From above decorate with a small piece of multi-colored plasticine, the same horns are fixed at the base. From red plasticine, a "smile" is made, of a yellow one - a nose, of a blue one - eyes. The finished caterpillar is placed on the leaves.

how to make a craft of chestnuts

Crafts made of chestnuts and cones. "Spider"

  • 2 chestnut fruit - one large, the second smaller.
  • Plasticine.
  • 6 plastic tubes for cocktails.
  • Matches.
  • A beautiful leaf of a tree.


Puncture the fruits, connect a large chestnut (thisthere will be a body) and a small one (head). In the body, make 3 punctures on each side, parallel to each other. Insert the cut tubes into them - these will be the legs. To attach the eyes to the head from plasticine, you can make the antennae of matches. Place the spider on a beautiful sheet.

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