Swan of plastic bottles in the home - everything is very simple


A swan made of plastic bottles will become simple andat the same time elegant decoration of your infield. You can do it yourself on your own from improvised materials. The only thing that is needed is a great desire and perseverance. Also, patience will not be superfluous.

Materials and Tools

Before you make a swan from bottles, you need to prepare materials and tools that you might need during your work. Let's start with the materials. AT

A swan made of plastic bottles.
In this case you will need:

  • a large number of plastic containers of white color;
  • A large canister with a capacity of 5 liters (its color does not play a role already);
  • piece of pipe made of metal-plastic;
  • wire;
  • candle;
  • colors of red and black colors (instead of the latter you can use buttons, for example).

Among the materials is a must:

  • scissors for clerical;
  • knife;
  • marker.


First, the swan of plastic bottles shouldmaterialize on paper. That is, there must be a sketch. It can be done independently or taken from specialized literature. Agree, it is much easier and more convenient to create something when the result of work is already before the eyes.

The basis

As a skeleton of the figurine stands a 5-liter tank for liquid. Neck

Swans made of plastic bottles.
It should look at the tail, and the neck at the same timemust come out from the top of the bottom. The frame for it will be a tube made of metal-plastic, in which a corresponding hole must be previously required. Additional fixation is performed using wire. On this basis, from which the swan from plastic bottles will be made, is ready.

Creating the appearance

Then proceed to the head.The beak can be cut out of plastic and painted in red, and the head is built from a container of 0.5 liters (white). You should cut it in the middle and install the beak from the side of the neck. Eyes can be painted with paint or glued on their place with buttons. Then you need to cut a lot of feathers from a white container. After that you can proceed to gluing the rest of the trunk. All parts must

How to make a swan from bottles?
very tightly adjacent to each other.If you need a special way to bend the pen, then for these purposes a candle is used. The workpiece heats up, bends and then cools. This design is most often used on the neck. This allows you to give the workpiece a natural natural look. But at the bottom feathers are even and fit tightly to each other. After the completion of this stage, you should wait for the time necessary for the glue to dry out. After it has dried, the swan from plastic bottles is ready, it can be taken out on the street and installed in the necessary place. If desired, you can make not one but a flock of swans. Everything depends only on desire and time.


Swans from plastic bottles - not so mucha rarity in the suburban areas. With their help you can turn an ordinary garden into a part of a fantastic country or a magic pond. Something complicated in the manufacture of this craft, no, so with such a task can master a novice master. The only important thing is the availability of assiduity and desire. And with the materials of the problems should not arise - they are available in most suburban areas, and if necessary you can replace them with something else.

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