How to make cookies in "Maynkraft" and how to use it


How in "Maynkraft" make a cookie? In earlier versions of the game, when this type of food just appeared, the cookie was a treat rare and completely ineffective. The reason for this was that the cocoa beans, which are necessary for the crafting of biscuits, could be found only in treasuries. However, since version 1.3.1, cocoa beans began to appear on trees in the jungle, and because they could now be grown on their own, this type of food has finally lost its value.

Cookies in Minecraft

One cookie restores 2 units of hunger andonly 0.4 units of saturation, which is the smallest among all types of food in the "Meincraft." So a person eating only a cookie will quickly get hungry. The same bread has as many as 6 units, not to mention other food, for example, fried beef or pork have as many as 12.8 units of saturation.

Craft Kraft

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Well, let's look at how, in "Maynkraft"make a cookie and what is needed for its crafting. As you can see in the picture, there is nothing tricky in producing this delicacy, all materials do not need pre-treatment, moreover, they can be found in nature if you find an NPC village and get wheat there. For crafting, only two bundles of wheat and a handful of cocoa beans are needed. We place cocoa beans between two units of wheat - and our cookies are ready. When it is made, the player receives eight pechenyushek for one kraft. If you eat them all at once, then after satisfying your hunger they will be equivalent to two pieces of fried pork or beef. This type of food will be a good substitute for bread if the player lacks wheat, as growing cocoa beans is easier and faster. In addition, the cookies will restore more hungry units than bread. Still our delicacy can be bought from village residents: in just one emerald you will get from 6 to 8 pieces.


maincraft wiki how to make a cookie

All the most detailed information can be easilyfind on the website "Maincraft Wiki". How to make a cookie and where to take the ingredients to it, there is described in sufficient detail. It should be remembered that the cookie has a very low saturation index. Hence, the player almost immediately gets hungry again after taking it as food. Everybody who plays in Maincraft is not recommended to eat cookies often and in large quantities, it is best to use it when it is necessary to pay no more than two or four units of hunger, for example, in order to restore health. I hope, after reading this article, you will not have more questions about how to make cookies in "Maynkraft".

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