Hedgehog from plastic bottles is a worthy garden ornament


As it is pleasant to pass by lawns, lawns andjust small palisadnichkov, decorated with bizarre and funny muzzles of different animals! Original products from plastic bottles any site will make a living and unusual. A swan looks out from under the leaf, or a swan arched gracefully in a small lake. And, maybe, in your kitchen garden have time to settle in hares or pink pigs? It all depends on imagination and skillful hands. Well, if you have plastic bottles on the balcony and a lot of free time, then there is nothing to think about - you must do it!

hedgehog from plastic bottles

Creative ideas

Let's start, perhaps, with a simple: hedgehog from plastic bottles as it is impossible by the way will be entered in a landscape of any site. To make a hedgehog, you need a plastic bottle (the larger the area, the more the bottle is selected) with an outstretched neck - this will be a muzzle. You can make a rectangular neckline along the bottle, fill it all with earth and plant an ordinary lawn grass or flowers, which will play the role of thorns. You can glue a hedgehog with cones, from which also good spines will come out. The hedgehog can be decorated as you like: two halves of a pea are quite suitable for eyes, if they are painted with black lacquer, instead of a nozzle you can take a dark cover (brown or black).

Brief instruction

Hedgehog from plastic bottles will look likeIt is more attractive if his face is painted with acrylic paint or covered with sackcloth. Only in such matters is the main thing - caution. The work must be done very carefully, otherwise the appearance of the craft will be ruined. And that our hedgehog from plastic bottles turned out to be more lively and original, you can decorate his needles with various fruits, which are as easy to make from the same bottles. For example, to make an apple, it is enough to take two bottoms from the bottles and insert one into the other, first stuck into one of them a stick from the juice or a regular twig. After that, you need to paint the apple with red lacquer or acrylic paint, make a green leaf from the same color plastic, glue it to the stick. We fix the apple on the back of the hedgehog or with the help of glue, if we have bumps instead of needles, or simply put them on the grass, if the needles are "alive". A hedgehog made of plastic bottles is ready! Now it can become a worthy decoration of your garden or suburban area. It is worth noting that such a souvenir is also an excellent gift to a loved one.

Forest of ideas for the garden

Any other figurines from plastic bottlesare made just as simple. Take, for example, mumps. The main points are the same as when making a hedgehog - we take a bottle (a bottle from a milk well fits), cut out a rectangular hole in which you can plant flowers, decorate your face. Two holes in the lid, eyes - black beads or peas, we cut out the ears from the bottle, glue them to the head. Cute piggy ready! With artistic skills, you can completely draw a face, giving it live emotions.

figurines from plastic bottles

Play fantasy

Another unusual variant of decorating the garden -plastic bees. For one bee, we need a small bottle of about 0.5 liters, yellow and black colors. We paint the bottle in yellow, then draw black stripes, the nose of the bee must also be black. From the other bottle we cut out two oval details - these are the wings, we attach them to the body. The bee is almost ready. It remains to draw or cut out the eyes from the remaining bottle, paint them and attach the antennae, which can be made of wire, pre-wrapped with yellow threads or a shred. Now attach the bee on the back of the rope and hang it on your favorite tree or shrubbery. If you make a lot of these bees, you will get a whole beehive that will organically fit into any area.

crafts from plastic bottles


Crafts made of plastic bottles - animals or insects - will not only decorate your garden, garden or dacha, but will also give you a great mood for the whole day.

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