How to decorate wedding glasses with your own hands?


Wedding is the most important event. Each bride very much wants that on this wonderful day everything was perfect. While preparing for the solemn ceremony, it is necessary to take care of many small things and a large number of necessary accessories, most of which can be made independently. A sewn garter of the bride or decorated wedding glasses with their own hands will remain in the house as a pleasant reminder of this significant event.

Manufacturing of various trifles for a weddingbrings a lot of pleasure and can from the hobby turn into a favorite work. This time we will not dwell on all the necessary accessories. Let's look at how to decorate wedding glasses with your own hands. It should be remembered that all items should be made in the same style. The set for the wedding ceremony includes: a pillow for rings, bridal glasses, champagne bottles and a family safe and hearth.

How to decorate wedding glasses with your own hands using artificial flowers?

At the wedding, there are always many different colors. The tradition of decorating any holiday with live plants came to us from ancient times. We will use this method to beautifully decorate the wedding glasses with our own hands. We need two large artificial flowers, glasses, thin satin or nylon ribbons, rhinestones, beads and Moment glue. First, you need to disassemble the flowers into separate petals. If the flower is made of several layers of one-side rows of 4-5 petals, then it will be necessary to make a cut on one side.

Turn the glass upside down. We begin to collect the flower, gently placing the petals around the stem, fixing each row with glue. When the flower is completely ready, we fix the end of a thin satin ribbon under one of the last petals. We encircle the leg of the glass and glue the end to the bottom. We put around the legs on the bottom of a strip of glue and sprinkle it with beads. We glue several beads or rhinestones on the petals of the flower. The place of connection of the glass with the foot is closed with a small bow. You can use for decoration all consumables of the same color or choose contrasting colors. In any case, they will look great.

How to decorate wedding glasses with their own hands beads, rhinestones and lace?

Put on the glasses conceived drawing glue andsprinkle on the surface of the prepared beads. It will adhere strictly to the lines and forms a beautiful pattern. Draw in small patches, then the pattern will be more delicate.

Cover the leg with a bead and the bottom of the glass, and on the glass itself with glue fix the carved motif from the lace fabric, decorating it with just a few beads or rhinestones.

Fully glaze the glass lace,having receded from the top edge one centimeter. Scissor the leg with a thin satin ribbon. To hide the place of attachment of the tape at the bottom, make a ring of beads and glue them. Tie a few ribbons from a few ribbons at the top of the stem, and glue a few small beads on the lace trim of the glass.

From a thin ribbon make a few small roses. From small flowers, beads and strasses, place a pattern on the surface of the glass, attaching it with glue. A little leg should be decorated with a small bow.

The beautiful decoration of the glasses will be painting themacrylic paints. You can create a pattern yourself or use special contour thematic stickers. An interesting option will be the image of the bride and groom on the glasses, painted.

Sew a miniature copy of the wedding garter of the bride and put them on the glasses. The leg should be decorated with a thin tape, glued beads or attach a string of rhinestones along the entire length of the leg.

It does not matter which way you choose. Decoration of wedding glasses with their own hands will give you a lot of fun and will give pleasure to the kind of finished products.

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