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Making a wedding is a process that takes time andpatience. This is not surprising, because you need to think everything over: starting from the general design of the banquet hall and finishing with cute trinkets that will set the right mood for the whole celebration. Probably everyone knows that the best present is man-made, therefore the most successful way to give joy to loved ones is a postcard. We can make several dozens of variations of simple postcards for our wedding, although we prefer printing works more often. But it's vain! Today's opportunities and abundance of materials allow us to create extraordinary beauty on our own.

Do not think that when talking about papercreations, we are limited only to such as a greeting card. With their hands at the wedding, many brides in our time make invitations, cards for seating guests, notes with words of gratitude and much more.

greeting card for the wedding

If you are one of those who are not looking for easy ways and wantgive guests a piece of their soul, then our article is just for you. In it we will tell you about what wedding cards are and how to make a wedding set for yourself.

So, let's begin! First you need to choose the basis. White and dairy cardboard with embossing is especially relevant this season. Various materials are used as decor, for example, satin ribbons, skeletonized leaves, lace, sequins, crystals and beads. If you want to emphasize the exclusivity of the postcard, use joint photos in its design.

Recently popularExtraordinary wedding cards, for example, invitations with a balloon. The principle of this postcard is very simple - to find out about where and when the celebration will take place, you just need to inflate the ball.

greeting card for the wedding
Also quite often young give three-dimensionalpostcards. They are made very simply: a pattern is cut out along the contour and fixed so that when it is opened, it assumes an upright position. Such a postcard will be more interesting if you do not just take ready templates, and think over the story line, the main characters of which will be newlyweds.
greeting card for the wedding

As already mentioned, only a small part of the weddingset - postcard. With their hands on the wedding, now create a seating card for the banquet, and the treasury of the young family, and books in which everyone can leave warm words and parting words to the married. All accessories are better to withstand in any one color scheme. Many choose for their celebration purple, mint, red, blue, and if you can not decide what color you like, you can make an iridescent wedding.

Not the least role is played by the style of the event:it can be vintage or rustic, or maybe a beach party. Despite the format of the marriage, the main condition for harmonious design is the compatibility of all accessories and images of the bride and groom. When creating a set of accessories, a bouquet and make-up for the wedding with your own hands, do not forget to use in them the shades of colors chosen for your holiday! And remember: a card with your own hands for a wedding is only a small part of what you can do yourself!

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