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What only people do not collect in the modernthe world! One of the most popular areas of such activities is philately. Many believe that this is the most innocuous and cheap hobby. However, some are ready to give the whole fortune for this or that rare brand. What are the features of this type of collectibles? What is the most expensive postage stamp of the USSR? All this in our article.

A postage stamp is ...

A postage stamp is a special sign that servesconfirmation of the fact of payment for the postal service and has its nominal value. This tiny piece of paper with ribbed edges for many collectors has become almost the meaning of life.

In addition to denominations, postage stamps often indicate the number and name of a particular postal administration. On any brand, as a rule, a certain drawing, an inscription and a decor is put.

postage stamps of the USSR

All postage stamps are divided into several types:

  • official (state sample);
  • unofficial;
  • marks of production of private mail.

In Soviet times, many were addicted tocollecting stamps. And even today the postage stamps of the USSR remain the central object of interest for a number of philatelists. For many, this activity is a great way to ponostalgize about the Soviet past.

Philately as a way of life

Many philatelists are becoming addicted to thisoccupation from early childhood. Initially, they collect the most common postage stamps of the USSR, and then - they begin to hunt for rarer specimens. Over time, in adulthood, such people already have at their disposal a solid collection of various postage stamps.

postage stamps of the USSR and their cost

The very term "philately" comes from two Greek words: "philos" - "love" and "atelia" - "collection, duty."

It is worth noting that philatelists collectnot only the brands themselves, but also envelopes, postcards with stamps stuck on them. The first philatelic catalogs appeared in the middle of the XIX century, in England. In modern Russia there is the so-called Union of Philatelists. The country also regularly publishes a thematic magazine under the laconic name "Philately."

Postage stamps of the USSR and their cost

The most expensive postage stamp in the world isthe so-called "Mauritius" brand of the year 1847. The price of one such thing goes up to auction at 20 million dollars! In total, there are 28 copies of it.

Postage stamps of the USSR vary greatly in theircost. For example, the collection price of many Soviet postage stamps of the late years of release does not exceed 50 rubles. However, some of them cost several thousand dollars. And what is most surprising, there are many people who want to give such a huge day for a small piece of paper.

the most expensive postage stamp of the USSR

There are many offers on the Internetsale of whole sets of Soviet brands. So, for example, a full annual set of "postage stamps of the USSR in 1974", which includes 109 brands and 8 blocks, can be purchased for 1,700 rubles. The price of such sets is largely determined by the year of graduation. So, sets of brands of the 40-50-ies are much more expensive.

The five most expensive postage stamps of the USSR

What postage stamps of the USSR are the most expensive for today. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list consisting of five such positions.

  1. Mark "Blue gymnastics" in 1959.It was sold several years ago for 13800 dollars. Very interesting is the history of this brand, the circulation of which was never released. The fact is that the stamp was timed to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Soviet circus. However, it was not possible to establish in which year exactly it was founded.
  2. Mark "250 years of the Poltava victory" in 1959.In the world there is only one copy of this amazing brand, which was sold in 2013 for 28,750 dollars. The circulation of this brand was not issued due to the planned visit of N. Khrushchev to Sweden.
  3. Mark "Transcarpathian Ukraine" in 1965. There are only a few of its copies, its price reaches $ 30,000.
  4. The stamp "Consular fifty dollars". Despite the circulation of about 70 copies, the collection value of this brand is 65,000 dollars.
  5. Mark "The First All-Union Philatelic Exhibition" in 1932. Only one existing instance is known. And he was sold to one collector for 776 thousand dollars.

postage stamps of the USSR 1974


Postage stamps of the USSR is an object of interest for manymodern philatelists. For someone, collecting these brands is nothing more than an innocuous hobby. And someone devotes all his free time to this and is ready to give away a huge amount of money for a rare copy.

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