Jubilee rubles of the USSR: a dream of a coin collector


Jubilee rubles of the USSR were issued on the eve of theany significant date, or to the anniversary of an outstanding person. They were manufactured in different capacities. For the first time they began to be produced in 1965. They were released before 1991. They were made of base metal - copper and nickel.

For ease of perception, it is worth breaking up the jubileeRubles of the USSR, produced over more than 20 years, for certain groups. They were produced in honor of great people who have achieved great success in politics, literature, music, etc. Also their release was associated with many memorable dates.

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Memorable dates

The minting of commemorative rubles began in 1965. Then a coin was issued, which was dedicated to the anniversary date - 20 years since the victory over the fascist invaders. The circulation of 60 thousand copies was intended for both collectibles and for use. The diameter of the ruble was 31 mm, and its thickness was 1.9 mm.

In 1967, a coin with a circulation of more than 50million copies. It was dedicated to a memorable event. The ruble, which was made to mark the 50th anniversary of the Socialist Revolution of 1917, was also issued in a circulation of 52,000 copies. The thickness of the coin increased to 2.1 mm.

In 1975, the ruble was issued, which wasThe 30th anniversary of the victory of Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War with a circulation of 16 million copies. He weighed 12.8 g. Two years later, the ruble was minted, which perpetuated a landmark date - 60 years from the day of the October Revolution. Its circulation was 5 million pieces.

In 1982, a coin minted in honor of60th anniversary of the existence of the Soviet Union. It weighs 12.8 grams and is replicated in an amount of 2 million pieces. By the 40th anniversary of the end of the Great Patriotic War (in 1985), the ruble was issued with a circulation of 6 million. In 1991, a coin was commemorated with a nominal value of 3 rubles in honor of the 50th anniversary of the defeat of the fascist troops near Moscow.

Also on the day of the 70th anniversary of the October Revolutionissued coins of the USSR (rubles jubilee) with a nominal value of 1, 3 and 5 rubles. All of them date back to 1987. At the same time, the ruble was minted in honor of the 175th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino.


In 1968, a ruble wasThe 100th anniversary of the birth of the great revolutionary and politician VI Lenin. This coin became the most numerous of the jubilee. The circulation of 2 million pieces was issued by the ruble to the 165th anniversary of the German philosopher Karl Marx. In 1985, a coin was minted in honor of the 165th anniversary of Friedrich Engels.

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Scientists and artists

Interesting and jubilee rubles of the USSR, the list of whichdisplays the names of the great Russian scientists. For example, in 1984, a coin was issued, which was dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of the physicist A.S. Popova. In the same year, the famous scientist Mendeleyev turned 150 years old. After 2 years, the ruble is issued to the 275th anniversary of the great Russian scientist Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov.

In 1989, the coin was issued with a nominal value of 1 rubleto the birthday of Mussorgsky. Also honored the memory of the conductor, teacher and composer Tchaikovsky. In honor of his 150th anniversary in 1990, a coin in 1 ruble was printed with a circulation of 2.6 million copies. At the same time, a coin for the birthday of the Belarusian printer Francis Skaryn appeared. The ruble was also replicated in the amount of 2.6 million pieces.

A year later a coin with the image of the pianist and conductor Sergei Prokofiev came out. Many jubilee rubles of the USSR, dedicated to great politicians and scientists, have greater value than others.

Sports achievements and space exploration

The lion's share of coins is in products that perpetuate the great sporting events. From 1977 to 1980, they were issued in honor of the Games of the XXII Olympiad. They had the following images:

  • emblem of the Olympics (1977);
  • The Kremlin (1978);
  • Cosmos (1979);
  • MGUU building (1979);
  • the Olympic Flame (1980);
  • a monument to Dolgoruky (1980).

In 1991, rubles were honored in honor of the Olympic Games in Barcelona: javelin throwing, weightlifting, wrestling and running.

In 1981, the coin was minted for the 20th anniversary of the discoveryspace for man. It depicted Gagarin. Its circulation was 3,962 million pieces. After 2 years, the coin went out to the day of the flight into space Tereshkova. In 1987, 130 years have passed since the birth of the scientist and inventor Tsiolkovsky. By this date, also issued a jubilee ruble.

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The jubilee rubles of the USSR depicting great figures of literature also occupy most of all coins issued from 1965 to 1991.

In 1983, a coin with a portrait of onefrom the first Russian book printers of Ivan Fedorov. In 1984, to the birthday of Pushkin (185 years) came the ruble with his image. In 4 years the coin dedicated to the Russian poet and prose writer, as well as the playwright and artist M.Yu. Lermontov. From the day of his birth 175 years have turned.

Jubilee Rubles of the USSR

In 1988, from the birth of Lev NikolaevichTolstoy passed 160 years. This date is immortalized on a 1 ruble coin. Also the jubilee rubles of the USSR, the list of which is quite large, include coins featuring the following great writers:

  • Maksim Gorky.
  • Mihai Eminescu.
  • Hamza-Hakim Zadeh.
  • Taras Shevchenko.
  • Jan Rainis.
  • Anton Chekhov.
  • Makhtumkuli.
  • Nizami Ganjevi.

Jubilee rubles of the USSR, the cost of which depends on the circulation, were issued in various nominal values.

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