How to make amulets and amulets with your own hands?


Believing that success in life matters bringsspecially created objects, are used since ancient times. Every nation has its own customs of making wards from the evil eye and the influence of dark forces. If you want to test your skills and make amulets with your own hands, then you will easily achieve your goal. The case is fascinating and quite simple.

amulets and self-defense

To endow the thing with "magical properties"It is necessary to consider who it is intended for. To make a talisman it is necessary only on a growing moon or in a new moon. It also matters, day of the week. For example, the environment is under the auspices of Mercury, so it is suitable for creating an amulet that attracts luck in business. Friday is dedicated to Venus. On this day, you can weave an amulet with your own hands on love, to promote luck in romantic affairs. Next days and planets are distributed as follows. Tuesday corresponds to militant Mars, Thursday - the leader of Jupiter. It is necessary to be reconciled with the astrological clock, because each of them is given the name of a certain planet. Engaged in needlework, you need to mentally mentally, for what purpose will serve as a talisman. The direction of your desire should be one: love, wealth, family well-being. It is very important and sincere mood, it should be positive. Materials can come in handy all kinds: semiprecious stones, yarn, beads, pieces of leather, matter. Everything that has a fascinating power for you. When amulets and amulets, made by themselves, will be finished, they must be constantly worn with them.

amulet with your own hands for love

Now let's look at specific examples. One of the most affordable options is to make a bracelet. For him it is necessary to select stones or beads, devoid of chips or cracks. Their number in the talisman should be odd, but not more than five. The most suitable stone is amber, it accumulates energy. Then all the prepared elements are threaded onto the thread (the largest stone is placed in the center) and its ends are joined. This amulet will protect you.

self-made amulets

For the same purpose served amulets, with their own handsembroidered. They were made from ancient times by women, they decorated with symbols of clothing, household items. For example, used solar signs, runes. Modern masters can in the same way decorate a purse, pendant, key chain. In this case, you should pay attention to the quality of cross stitch. On the wrong side of the thread should not intersect and it is important that there are no nodules. Otherwise they will become an obstacle to the embodiment of your desire. If you need money-engaging amulets, draw your own hands on a piece of leather, a plaque or embroider Othel and Fehu runes on fabric. In this case, you should give preference to red and gold.

Help in romantic affairs talisman,made in the form of a pouch. Make it very easy from a small square of cloth, along the perimeter of which you must skip the ties. In it, you can put any object associated with you with a love relationship: dried flower petals, candle stump, etc. Thus, you will create individually tuned amulets, with your own hands you will attract luck and happiness.

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