Funny and useful crafts from garbage


Every year on November 15 in many civilizedDay of secondary processing. Contamination of the planet with garbage is growing day by day. Therefore, on this day, governments and public organizations of countries sum up the fact that it has been possible to introduce new ones for more efficient use of secondary raw materials or garbage. Also there are contests where the best crafts from garbage are marked.

crafts from rubbish

Even famous designers createinstallation and other work from household waste. Pictured in the photo the most modern catamaran "Plastic" is made of eleven thousand bottles and cans used. Its founders - a team of scientists from Australia - wanted to show that, having united, it is possible to find common solutions for getting rid of debris on the whole Earth.

Masters hand made also often make crafts from garbage themselves. There are a number of reasons for this.

  • First, the material for manufacturing is not worth a penny. Therefore, you do not have to worry if you fail, but try again, without the financial costs and investments.
  • Secondly, you can not just make some trinket, but give a new life to your old favorite things: to put in order a warm sweater, to repair a cozy sofa and much more.
  • Thirdly, you can find an unusual use of familiar everyday objects.

handicrafts from the garbage yourself

And, of course, realize your talent as an artist, sculptor or real engineer. Many crafts made of garbage are quite simple to manufacture, so you can make such products with your children.

When working with garbage, do not forget about some simple rules.

All materials for manufacturing must beclean. Before you start creating a new masterpiece from improvised materials, you need to clean everything up thoroughly. Rusted parts should be treated with rust remover, plastic and glass bottles should be rinsed with soapy water solution, discard the old filler in the furniture. All this is handmade from domestic garbage, but this does not mean that dirty things are used in the process. Cleaning work is best done with a respirator and rubber gloves.

With extreme caution should be treatedpiercing and cutting materials, if there is no self-confidence, it is better to abandon such creativity. Moreover, in the house there are always many other interesting things that need to be changed.

As you can see, all these rules are simple enough and do not require any special efforts for compliance.

crafts from household garbage

Often crafts from garbage are obtained by suchcreative and unusual, that they enthrall both their creators and others. Glass jars in the form of decorative vases, decorated with beads, glass beads, rhinestones, ribbons, napkins and paints look beautiful and unusual.

Tetra packets from under the milk will be beautifulbird feeder. Crafts from garbage in the form of feeders can make very young children under the guidance of adults. Kids will like not only the process of making, but also the supervision of birds that will happily fly to taste the food from an unusual feeding trough.

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