Postcard to the veteran: we create a gift with our own hands


Today there are very few people left,which protected us from fascists during the Great Patriotic War. That's why you can try to surprise them all, make them enjoyable by creating and giving them gift cards made by yourself.

postcard to the veteran with your own hands

What do you need?

What can be a postcard to a veteran of war? There are a lot of options. However, it is worth remembering that there is a certain symbolism that will help distinguish this holiday from everyone else. First of all, these are flowers, namely red carnations. It is their custom to give to our liberators, that's why this flower can be present on the postcard. Also appropriate is the St. George's black-and-orange ribbon, which is considered a traditional symbol of courage. Necessarily, as a sign of Victory, on the card there should be a red five-pointed star. Still it is possible to draw a salute invariably accompanying the Victory Day over fascist Germany. You can also specify the date of the Victory Day - May 9, 1945. As for the card itself, it can be an ordinary rectangular, unfolding or simply two-sided. Great idea - a postcard to a veteran, cut out in the form of a triangle. This is also a special sign of wartime, because then letters from front-line soldiers came just folded into a triangle, without stamps and envelopes.

Method 1: Standard

A postcard to a veteran, created by himself, canbe of the usual standard kind, i.e. simply two-sided. On the one hand, there will be just a drawing, on the other - a written congratulation. So, you can draw a bouquet of carnations, a red five-pointed star and write: "Happy Victory Day!" Or "Thank you for Victory!". The background will also be predominantly red, but may also be orange. You can also draw a St. George ribbon, which will alternate between orange and black stripes.

postcard to veteran of war

Method 2: Quilling

You can make greeting cards from paperwith their own hands in the form of a revealing book; consisting of two pages. You can try to decorate the cover in the technique of quilling (skilful paper wrapping), this is a fairly new, but interesting idea. So, the postcard can be made in this technique completely, which will somewhat complicate the work, or partially. You can wind just a bunch of flowers, and everything else to draw or make in the form of applique. Be sure to remember that in addition to flowers on the postcard should be more symbolism, which is important and dear to the veteran.

Make a postcard to the veteran with your own hands

Method 3: Applications

What else can a postcard be to a veteran?With your own hands, you can create it in the technique of application. You will need corrugated paper, plain colored paper, scissors and glue. Of corrugated paper will need to make a bouquet of carnations. It is enough just to take a narrow strip of paper (about 10 cm long and 3-4 wide), beautifully fold it as if into a bud, and slightly bend the edges. Next, the scissors need to cut the top of the paper all over the flower to make it fluffy. For a bouquet, you need to do 3-5 colors. Next, from ordinary paper, you need to make a leg and flower petals. Also cut the inscription "Happy Victory Day!" And in the corner stick a small red five-pointed star.

Method 4: Interesting

postcard to veteran drawing

It is possible to make a somewhat non-standard waya postcard to the veteran with his own hands. To do this, you need an unnecessary computer disk, red corrugated paper, plain colored paper and superglue. The disk in this version will be the basis on which everything else will be fixed. On the title page will be placed the figure 9, made in the form of a swirling St. George ribbon. You can cut it out of colored paper, or you can simply paint colored white pencils with ordinary white paper and wrap it in the form of a nine. Of corrugated paper, one large clove should be made in the same way as described in the third method (however, the width and length of a piece of paper for a flower can be much larger, and the flower will turn out to be impressive in size). It is attached to the right, a little below the ninth itself. From colored paper, you can make two leaves that are attached to the sides of the carnation. All this needs to be put on the disk with the help of super-glue, which will perfectly grasp such fundamentally different bases. It remains only on the orange paper circle (by the size of the disk) to write a congratulation and gently stick together. That's all, the original and very nice postcard to the veteran, with his own hands created, ready.

postcards from paper with own hands


What else is important to take care of?What else is needed to make a great postcard to the veteran? The drawing is, of course, important, but the words that will be written and addressed to a certain person have a more serious meaning and power. If the person who creates the gift does not know exactly who the card will be donated to, ie. does not know the name of the front-line soldier, you can address in this case more universally, for example, "Dear our veteran!". Further, it is necessary to thank the person for helping to restore justice and peace in the territory of our Motherland. You can do this in different ways, using different words and their number. Further it is very important to write a few words of wishes to this person. Veterans are people of mature age, they must always wish health, happiness, you can wish peace, these people know the value of this word. When everything is said, you can write a small poem or a song on a military theme in a postcard, it will be very nice to the front-line soldier. Well, in the end you need to subscribe. You can write your name and surname, but you can express gratitude from the whole team, class and even city.

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