A winter hat for a newborn: comfortable and beautiful


The main advantage of the cap madewith your hands, is that you can choose the desired yarn and color yarn and tie the product to the desired size. And the other positive side: the same will not be the same for anyone.

winter hat for newborn

A cap made with his own hands is a wonderful solution

Winter hat for the newborn knitsit's very simple, even a beginner knitter can do it. Infants lose heat too quickly, which is why they need to be dressed in such a way that the heat is kept as much as possible. A knitted winter hat for a newborn is a wonderful decision, besides

that the head is warm, it's also beautiful. She should sit well on the head of the baby and cover her ears. Next, we will tell you how a winter hat for a newborn is matching, which will suit both the girl and the boy, it is enough to choose the right color.

winter cap for a newborn with knitting needles

The model of this cap is very simple and with a beautiful pattern. Winter hat for a newborn, knitting which will be easy enough to start in needlework, like you and your baby.


We take a hundred grams of yarn, knitting needles No. 3, tape.To create a product such as a winter hat for a newborn, you need to dial 73 loops and tie two rows of facial smoothness. Then we sew in this way: the nakid, the two hinges together face. So we get holes for the satin ribbon. The next two rows are knit by the facial smoothness. Row: nakid, two hinges together facial. It is necessary to continue the openwork pattern. When the canvas is 12 centimeters high, seventeen loops should be removed, evenly tying two loops through the same number of loops. There should be 56 loops on the spokes. We knit two rows of facial smoothness and add seventeen loops. Then four rows of facial smoothness and a series of loops knit so: nakid and two loops along the front. Now we again knit two rows of facial smoothness. Close all the loops.

The final stage

Now you need to assemble and sew a hat.The edge is turned on the second row of holes, denticles will be obtained, they must be secured. Through the first row of holes we pass the ribbon, which will perform the function of the strings. In the last row of holes, too, insert the tape and pull it together, we get the bottom of the cap.

Cap with ears

Another winter hat for a newbornmatches with ears. Hat-earflap - the best option, it will cover the entire head and ears. You can easily make it yourself. Such a cap is made of rather simple patterns: facial smoothness and garter stitch.

winter cap for newborn knitting

Stages of work execution

We take 100 grams of mohair / acrylic yarn, knitting needles No. 2.On the spokes we type 123 loops and 28 rows we sew with garter stitch. Then 45 rows are knit with facial smoothness. Now we close the hinges. A strip knitted with garter stitch, fold in half and sewn, it will be a fringe. Now make the back seam. The upper edge of the cap is divided into approximately 4 parts and the ends of the parts are connected in the center. Sew from the center to the edge. It turned out 4 seams. We make two pompoms and sew on top of the head. Now do the ears. From the back seam, 13 loops should be retracted and 23 loops around the edge. We knit with garter stitch and in all rows we remove one eyelet on each side. When there are only three loops left, we knit a lace of the necessary length, without breaking the thread. Similarly we knit the eye on the other side.

Such a winter hat for a newborn will warm your child and become a beautiful decoration for his head.

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