Let's talk about how to make a flower from plastic bottles


Products made of plastic bottles, made byhands, decorate many dwellings, garden and garden areas. The thing is that the plastic is inexpensive, it is constantly in wide accessibility, and most importantly - it turns out real masterpieces of decorative and applied art.

how to make a flower from plastic bottles
Crafts from plastic by right won a greatpopularity, because they are really beautiful, modern and original. All kinds of flowers are especially interesting: lilies, sunflowers, roses, chrysanthemums, tulips. Such decorations perfectly fit into any interior and exterior, are durable and easy to manufacture. In this article we will tell you how to make a flower from plastic bottles to decorate your garden. We hope that such a creative work will please you and will bring a lot of positive emotions.

Bright and cheerful sunflowers: crafts "Flowers" from plastic bottles

One of the most charming decorativePlastic ornaments are sunflowers. To make them you will need yellow bottles for drinks (1.5 or 2 liters) or ordinary transparent containers and yellow acrylic paint. Also, a wire, an awl and a black paint are required. Work progress: for starters, it is necessary to cut out the flower petals from plastic containers. For convenience, you can make a pattern of paper, apply it to the plastic and trace the outlines. Thus, all the petals will be the same beautiful shape. If you use a transparent bottle, after cutting the workpieces you will need to apply a yellow paint on them. After manufacturing a sufficient number of petals (there may be 10, 20 or more - depending on what "splendor" you want to get a flower), you need to make a small hole at the bottom of the base. Further, holes are inserted and fixed in the holes, through which all the blanks are combined into a single structure. To make the middle of the flower, you can use the figured bottom of the bottle, previously painted with black acrylic paint.

handmade flowers from plastic bottles
After attaching the petals and the bottom,will make a wire stalk (which can be zadekorirovat thick paper or cloth), cut out the green plastic leaves and connect all parts of the plant. Similarly, several more sunflowers are made out, and all - a chic bouquet of cheerful flowers is ready. Now you know how to make a flower from plastic bottles and wire. Tip: if desired, you can decorate the middle of the flower with sunflower seeds or black beads, gluing them with a hot pistol.

We make flowers from plastic bottles and beads for your garden

We bring to your attention one more way of manufacturing decorative ornaments from plastic. To perform this work you will need materials such as:

  • plastic bottles (transparent 7 pcs., green 6 pcs.);
    we make flowers from plastic bottles
  • scissors;
  • adhesive PVA and "Moment";
  • awl;
  • acrylic paints (yellow, red);
  • wire;
  • green insulating tape;
  • beads (blue and green) and beads;
  • thick thread;
  • candle with a diameter of 2 cm.

How to make a flower from plastic bottles: for the beginning we will make of a green bead and beads 42 stamens and 7 pestles. For the stamens, a wire 25 cm long is used, on which a bead is strung. Wire bends in half, and at its two ends threaded beads of blue color (19 pcs.). For a pistil, a wire 25 cm long is taken and a bead is threaded onto it. Then the wire bends in half, and on its two ends threaded beads of green color (22 pcs.). To make one flower you need 6 stamens and 1 pestle. In the same way we produce 41 stamens and 6 pestles. After completing this work, take the pestle and attach it to the wire about 20 cm long, fixing it with threads and glue PVA, and then attach to it 6 stamens, evenly distributing them around it. Now let's start making petals. We cut off the upper part of the transparent bottles, which we will use to form the plant calyx. We cut each workpiece into 6 equal strips towards the neck. We round each strip, cutting off the extra corners so as to get six beautiful petals. We process the petals over the candle flame, giving them a natural, round shape. Now you know how to make a flower from plastic bottles, and see that this is nothing difficult! To complete the work, it remains only to attach a pistil with stamens inside the bud and color the petals of the flower in yellow and red colors. If desired, you can make a stem of wire and zadekorirovat his green tape, and the leaves - from green plastic bottles.

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