How to make goat horns with your own hands made of paper (photo)?


Do not know how to make a goat horn with your own hands?Read the article. It offers many options: both planar and volumetric. They are easy to make, but you can use for paper sculpture or decorating a kid on a postcard, and for a masquerade New Year's costume. According to the technologies presented, it is not difficult to produce horns of different shapes, suitable not only for goats. Read, study, choose, do.

how to make goat horns with your own hands

Materials and Tools

If you know how to make goat horns with your own hands out of cloth, but there is no time for it, there is an alternative quick way - to use a regular piece of paper. In addition, you will need the following:

  • Pencil and eraser.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue (for complex options you can use a thermal gun if you have one).

From a limited set of tools, it's easy to make beautiful and realistic horns.

How to make goat horns with your own hands made of paper?

The photos shown in the article clearly demonstrate that there are several options to be made:

  • Cut flat products of appropriate shape.
  • For the same configuration, make elements from the corrugated edge of a disposable paper tray.
  • Twist the three-dimensional details in the form of cones.
  • Create more realistic horns made of paper tape.
  • Use the papier-mache technique.

So, there are a lot of ways.Choose yourself how to make goat horns with your own hands. The first ones listed in the list above are the simplest. It takes a couple of minutes to make them. The last two options will require a little more time, but the result will be much more effective and realistic.

The simplest method

Let's describe in more detail the technology how to make the goat horns with your own hands quickly and easily. Work like this:

  • On a sheet of paper or on a newspaper, draw the shape of one horn.
  • Cut out the template. This will be your stencil.
  • Take a disposable paper plate or sheet of the appropriate format and circle your workpiece around the contour.
    make the goat's horns with your own hands
  • Turn the template over, or just put it side by side, if the paper is two-sided, and circle again. Also cut out.

All is ready. You can try the product on your paper goat.

how to make goat horns with your own hands

Volumetric horns of fast preparation

Here is another way to make the goat horns with your own hands out of paper. Photo demonstrates the design. It is made as an ordinary cone.

how to make a goat horn with your own hands out of a paper photo

This is the easiest method of obtaining volumetric horns. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Draw two identical circles on the paper. Their radius will be equal to the height of the horn.
  2. Cut out the details.
  3. Make an incision from the outer circumference to the center along the radius from either side on both workpieces. You can cut the sector so that the horn turns out thinner and without a big overlap.
  4. Fold the cones and glue the seam.
  5. You can trim the products from the bottom side.

That's right, for a couple of minutes, simple simple horns are easily made.

A complex but beautiful option

Below is a way how to make goat horns with your own hands made of paper of a more realistic kind than the previous ones. The technique is as follows:

  1. Prepare a strip of paper, better thin (the length and width depend on the size of your horns).
  2. Make a billet in the form of a cone by technologythe previous version or produce a base of plasticine more complex shape. If there is any object of a suitable configuration, such as real horns or a child's toy of the appropriate size, use it.
  3. Begin winding your workpiece with a paper tape in a spiral, gluing the places of overlay of one layer on another.
  4. After the glue dries, remove the horns from the base. To facilitate this procedure, at the beginning, before gluing paper, cover the workpiece with food film and do not wind the tape too tight.

how to make a goat's horns on your head

How to fold the horns of paper?

You can make goat's horns with your own hands, applyingmethods of paper-plastic, when a blank of a certain shape is cut with the marking of future fold lines. You will have a design that resembles a box, only a fairly complex shape. The same option is easy to assemble from three separate parts.

how to make goat horns with your own hands made of paper

The seams are glued, or the elements are connected tousing adhesive tape. In the second case, it is necessary to cover the surface with some material, for example, pasted napkins, threads, or use a beautiful decorative adhesive tape suitable for color, or paint.

how to make goat horns with your own hands

The drawback of this product is that it will be somewhat angular, although it can be compensated with a decorative layer of glue and paint applied over the threads.

how to make goat horns with your own hands

Papier mache horns

If you still do not know how to make hornsgoats with your own hands made of paper, this option you might like most. The manufacturing technique is simple, but it takes a certain amount of time, so it will not work out in a few minutes in this way. The meaning of the work is as follows:

  1. Take any three-dimensional workpiece. If nothing suitable is near at hand, blind it yourself from plasticine. This is convenient, because the size and shape you can choose what you want.
  2. Prepare many pieces of paper. You can use only white, although for the first layers you can use a magazine or even a newspaper one. Tear the pieces by hand or cut them with scissors.
  3. Before gluing it is necessary to wrap your workpiece with food film, so that it would be easier then to remove the paper-glued "shell".
  4. Take the PVA glue or prepare the paste and apply a layer on the workpiece.
  5. Put pieces of paper in any direction chaotically.
  6. After the first layer has dried, repeat the procedure as many times as necessary to obtain a sufficient thickness of the object.
  7. Remove the manufactured "shell". If this is very difficult and you are afraid of damaging the product, cut one side and then, after removal, glue another one or more layers of paper.

how to make goat horns with your own hands

So you can make horns of any shape. After drying, the paper mixed with the glue becomes hard and strong enough. If you want to speed up the gluing process, you can mix pieces of paper with glue before applying to the surface. Only in this case, the parts should be smaller, so that the paper lies down neatly and smoothly and does not fray.

How to make a goat's horns on your head?

If you are preparing a child for the New Year tree andsew a fancy dress of a goat, lamb or other horned character, you can use any of the presented methods for creating horns. You will only have to prepare an additional detail - a rim on which the manufactured elements will be fixed. As a frame, a plastic option is a good choice, preferably already having horns in its design, for example springs made of tinsel or rain. In this case, you only need to fix your paper products on the finished frame.

how to make goat horns with your own hands from cloth

If you have just a decorative bezel forhairstyle, you will have to create the frame elements for the horns yourself. To do this, it is better to take a strong wire and fix it in the appropriate places of the rim. Its surface will need to be decorated for the color of the suit. You can, of course, do without, and generally without the preparation of the frame, and make it yourself from thick paper or cardboard.

So, you saw how to make the goat horns with your own hands. Choose the appropriate option. Use the technique to perform both crafts and masquerade costumes of goats and other horned characters.

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