How to make a bracelet of beads with your own hands


Bead weaving is one of the most creative andinteresting types of needlework. Many women are dipped in the head to create real masterpieces from miniature beads, you just need to learn how to make a bracelet from beads or another accessory. Woven hand-made jewelry looks not only

how to make a bracelet of beads
fashionable and luxurious, but also relevant, so you cannot hesitating to combine them even with evening dress. The bracelets are especially popular, so the question of how to make a bracelet from beads is one of the most frequently asked ones.

Bracelets made in machine or manualtechnology, are very popular. There is a sufficiently large number of schemes of weaving, so everyone can find the most suitable for themselves. Of course, an ordinary bracelet - "fenechka" no one is surprised. This decoration is more suitable for everyday wear, it lacks volume and elegance. Many are interested in how to make a bracelet of beads bulky.

In order to weave a three-dimensional bracelet, we will need some useful items. As the basis can serve as an ordinary plastic bracelet. Choosing the basis,

how to make a bracelet from a bead
pay attention to some nuances. First, due to the fact that the braided bracelet is always slightly translucent, select the base of the color that the beads, from which you are going to weave jewelry. Secondly, the thickness of the base should not be too large, since the wider the plastic bracelet, the more difficult it will be to tighten it with a beaded cloth. And the last: the size should be chosen taking into account that at braiding the product will become a bit smaller.

So, if you are interested in how to make braceletsfrom beads, and want to weave the decoration with your own hands, the first thing you need to choose the basis. After all preparations are finished, you can proceed to the next stage.

We measure with centimeter tape or usualthe width of the future bracelet, its length both along the outer and inner circumference. The approximate parameters are: width 1-1.5 cm, length (outer) - 24-25 cm, inner circle - 20-22 cm. Thus, in order to braid the bracelet with beads, we need a cloth

how to make bracelets from beads
measuring 1.5 by 25 cm.Already directly in the process of securing the beads on the bracelet it will be necessary to subtract from the inside as much as required by the given measurements. In our case - by 3 cm, that is up to 22 cm.

How to make a bracelet from beads correctly and quickly?Type the needles on the needle to see how many beads are needed per 1.5 cm bracelet. If you use Czech beads with a size of 10/0, then you get 15 pieces by 1.5 cm. Then you need to choose a pattern of beaded braiding. The main thing is to calculate your strength, so start with simple patterns.

After the bead strip is ready, you cansew it in a ring, and then try on a bracelet. If the dimensions are all right, boldly begin to fasten the beaded cloth on a plastic base. To do this, you need to take a line and fasten it to any extreme bead. Then we collect the necessary quantity of beads and fix it on the other side of the bracelet. Thus we act on the whole inner side. In the end, the inner part is completely braided.

Everyone can create a masterpiece, sincea bracelet of beads is not at all difficult. This requires a desire and imagination, and then you can embody even the most unusual ideas and be fashionable and inimitable.

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