A few tips on how to make a peacock from plastic bottles


Plastic bottles are, perhaps, whatthere is every person in the house. We constantly buy various drinks in plastic bottles. And emptying them, throwing away, without even thinking that it is a great material for creating various crafts. Homemade plastic bottles can be very different. For example, you can do something yourself, or you can spy on an idea from a neighbor. In any case, this method of decorating the infield is very original and for sure you will like your loved ones.

How to make a peacock from plastic bottles

How to make a peacock from plastic bottles?

Still do not know how to make your site brighter? Try to make from animal materials some animal or a bird. Our article will help you learn how to make a peacock from plastic bottles.

For the manufacture of crafts you needprepare the following materials: metal mesh, wire (thicker), foam, glue, canister and a number of plastic bottles (the number of which depends on the size of the craft). From the tools you will need the pliers and pliers.

Homemade plastic bottles

  • We prepare the base in the form of a circle or a rectangle, in the center of which we drill two holes.

  • The middle of the wire is cleaned and bent (note that the bend will have to fix the torso of the peacock, in whose role the canister will act).

  • Each end of the wire is threaded into the hole, fixed under the base.

  • The side of the canister is divided into three parts. We cut off two thirds of it.

  • The upper part forms a rectangle, which we move and fix with wire or self-tapping screws.

  • To the legs we attach the trunk, we give the bird the necessary pose.

  • The feather is cut from two-liter plastic bottles. Feathers need to be cut out both long and short.

  • From bottles of white color we cut rectangles(2 pieces) and fold them so that the blisters turned out. We fix them with the help of an adhesive tape and attach it to the upper part of the legs (they will serve as "legs" of the bird).

  • We fasten the feathers to the stomach, chest, sides. This procedure is carried out through the inner side of the trunk with the help of a hole obtained as a result of the manufacture of the carcass.

  • A net is attached to the body of the bird. From the sides of it slightly bend (later here will be located wings).

  • Cut out feathers for the wings (7 pieces) and attach them to the net. At the same time we move aside and cut the "feathers", forming the first, and then the second wing.

  • We cut out the smaller feathers and have them in the form of a semicircle.

  • For the neck, we need 2 2-liter bottles, the middle parts of which are cut vertically and folded in the form of a bag. We fasten them with the help of an adhesive tape, we connect and we fasten to a trunk.

  • The head is made of polystyrene, eyes from buttons or beads.

  • We produce a tuft (it can be thin strips, cut from bottles).

  • On the vertex we make a longitudinal incision, pour the glue there and insert the crest.

  • We attach the feathers to the head with glue.

  • We color the peacock as you like (or as imagination allows).

  • We now turn to making a tail (it is better to use green bottles). We cut out feathers, we make fringe at the edges.

  • The feathers are attached to the grid in the form of a semicircle.

The bird is ready. Now you know exactly how to make a peacock from plastic bottles. We hope that relatives will appreciate the masterpiece made by your hands.

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Any flower garden can be decorated using improvised materials.

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And knowing how to make a peacock out of plastic bottles, you can decorate your flower bed with the help of this chic bird, sitting it between tall flowers.

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