How to make a goat mask in different ways


Are you preparing a child for a New Year tree or a theater performance? Already sewn a suit, but do not know how to make a goat mask? Read the instructions. Choose the appropriate option.

Production methods

If you are interested in how to make a goat mask,First you need to decide how much time you are willing to spend on creating it. If you need to perform a product quickly, choose an easy option. It will look simplistic, but it will take a few minutes to create it. If you are oriented in advance and can afford a long creative work, pay attention to the creation of a realistic character.

how to make a goat mask

So, you can make a goat mask with your own hands in the following ways:

  • Cut the desired shape from a flat sheet of white or gray paper.
  • To make out paper from the pattern, which assumes the fold lines.
  • To glue a more complex volumetric form also according to the scheme.
  • Run a realistic muzzle in the papier-mache technique.
  • Sew in fabric (usually looks like a cap or covers the face partially).

All the presented methods are presented bydegree of complication. The first option is done quickly, the last two - long enough (not even in one day). With regard to fixing the product on the head, in any way you can glue or sew a ready mask on the strap, elastic band, paper strip, tape.

Materials and Tools

Before you start to learn how to make a maskgoats, see the list of necessary accessories. It is worth immediately preparing them, and then follow the instructions. Consider a group of options from paper, because the fabric still does not make a mask as such, but a headpiece. So, you need the following:

  • paper or cardboard;
  • pencil, eraser, ruler or printed template;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • paints;
  • brush or sponge (sponge);
  • varnish (optional);
  • additional decorations to create a character (yarn or artificial hair, bow, flower for a "hairstyle").

Thus, any of the manufacturing methodsa mask of paper involves the use of the same materials, that is, in the simple version, and in the complex one needs the same. You can create a fairy-tale image by decorating and painting the surface of the mask with a brush.

how to make a New Year's mask of a goat

How to make a goat mask: instruction

Bumagoplasty is a common name for technology,which can characterize all the ways of making a product made of paper or cardboard, just in some cases requires a minimum of action, in others - much more. Let's consider a complex variant. The general sequence of work is:

  1. Prepare a template.
  2. Cut out all the elements.
  3. Draw a spoke or a non-writing ballpoint pen along the fold lines from the wrong side.
  4. Execute the folds.
  5. Make cuts where necessary.
  6. Glue all parts into a three-dimensional structure.
  7. Prepare the paint. For acrylic, the surface of the product can be pre-primed.
  8. To make the goat mask your own hands more realistic, draw all the elements of the muzzle as naturally as possible.
  9. After drying, cover the surface well with a varnish. This will give a finished look and harden the paint layer.
  10. Attach the elastic band, ribbon, paper strip or think of another convenient way to attach the mask to your head.

All is ready. It's time to try it on.

make a goat mask with your own hands

How to make a New Year's mask of a goat in the technique of "papier-mache"

This method allows to create practicallya completely realistic product, repeating not only the external forms of the animal itself. You can make a mask so that inside it it will clearly lie on the surface of your face. The meaning of technology is that the form is created manually from small pieces of paper, pasted on top of each other. Usually a certain blank, for example, from plasticine, is used as a basis. To the inner surface to repeat the shape of your face, you must put the first layer directly on yourself, pre-covering your face (except eyes, nostrils) with film or other material.

how to make a goat mask instruction

So, the sequence of work will be as follows:

  1. Tear or cut the paper into small pieces.
  2. Prepare the foundation.
  3. Apply to it the first layer of glue and pieces of paper (you can pre-mix them).
  4. Leave to dry.
  5. Apply the same number of layers according to the same principle to the desired thickness and shape.
  6. When the product is completed, proceed to the decoration according to the technology specified in the previous section.

So, you learned how to make a goat mask. Choose a suitable manufacturing method. Create your own accessories for New Year costumes. By the way, this can be turned into an interesting, collaborative work with children, creativity.

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