How to make a bed for your dolls "Monster High" with your own hands?


"Monster High" - dolls developed by the corporation"Mattel", having many fans around the world. The peculiarity of this series is the character and emphasized individuality of each character. Curiously, these dolls depict teenagers who are children of famous monsters and monsters. Not without its bright design: each character has its own symbolism and color preferences. Do you want to emphasize the individuality of your favorite characters? Try to equip the doll house with your own hands. Especially for you - a selection of the best tips and ideas that will explain how to make a doll for your dolls "Monster High" bed with your own hands.

New bed for half an hour

Useful and cute doll artwork can becreate with your own hands in just a few minutes. To make a simple bed, you will need one rectangular box, cardboard, fabric (a viscose napkin for cleaning) and decorative ornaments. Choose the basis of a suitable size - it should be a strong cardboard box on which the doll can stretch out to its full height.

How to make a doll for a monster high bed

How to make a bed for dolls "Monster High" fromboxes? It's very simple: cover the workpiece with cloth from all sides, from the sheet of cardboard cut out the shaped back and zadekoriruyte it to your liking. This part can be painted with paint, pasted with a cloth or colored paper. Now it remains only to connect the bed and the back. Crib can be decorated with braid, beads, sequins or appliqué.

How to make a bed in the form of a coffin?

The aesthetics of the world of dolls "Monster High" is not withoutshare of black humor. The combination of black and bright shades, images of cartoon skulls, spiders and cobwebs - all this is appropriate for these characters. Many fans of this doll series wonder how to make a "Monster High" doll bed in the form of a coffin. A simpler method is to arrange a regular rectangular box, suitably sized, accordingly. But it will be much more interesting to look like a crib for the "Monster High", made in the form of a "real" coffin, which has the form of a symmetrical polygon.

How to Make a Bunk Bed Monster High Dolls

Draw a template on paper and be sure toTry it on the growth of the doll. To make a crib, you need a bottom in the shape of a coffin and a long enough strip, which you will need to glue along the perimeter. Cut out these two parts from the cardboard, glue together and dry well. How can I make a coffin bed for dolls "Monster High" as good as purchased? Zadekoriruyte workpiece to your liking. Combinations of different materials are especially interesting. Try using colored and velvet paper, fabrics with various textures, veils and nets in one hand-craft.

Two-story doll's bed

In the collection of "Monster High" dolls a lot,and even half of them can sometimes be difficult to place in a dollhouse of a standard size. Try to make special furniture. An interesting idea is a two-story bed. For its manufacture, prepare two boxes with bumps of the same size and shape (they can be rectangular, in the form of coffins or any others). How to make a bunk bed dolls "Monster High" from two identical pieces? You will need four strong sticks. Suitable, for example, wooden skewers for shish kebab. Join the workpieces with these supports in the corners. Dry the resulting structure well. In conclusion, you can build a staircase from the cardboard or ice cream sticks to the second floor.

The main thing is the original design!

Make a bed for the dolls "Monster High" you can, using different materials. Master any crafts for the house of the girls-monsters, it is important to observe the stylistics of each particular character.

How to make a bed for monster hi-dolls

The highlight of the dolls of this series isindividuality of heroines. In this case, each character can boast not only a bright appearance, but also a special character and personal attachments. It is for this reason, before thinking how to make a bed for the Monster High dolls, decide which heroine you are trying to play. After that, you can select materials and draw sketches of a future craft.

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