Bags of a mulina for beginners - not so difficult as it seems!


bouquets of floss for beginners
When you want something bright and unusual, onhelp come with different hand-made ideas. How much beautiful can you do with your own hands! For example, bouquets of mulina for beginners - an excellent option, even for those who do not have the slightest skills in the art of weaving bracelets. On the development of technology you will take a few minutes, and with her help you can create real masterpieces.

How to weave bouquets of moulin for beginners?

Bracelets made of thread have been born for a long time, and most popular became during the heyday of the hippy current. And it's not surprising: weave them very simply, you can do it at home and on the street.

Bags from a mulina for beginners seem to be somethingcomplex, but the only thing you need to master is the way to properly tie a knot. But first you need to tie all the threads together. Here is the procedure:

  1. Choose three any colors.
  2. Each will require two strands (their length should be about a meter).
  3. Folding them together and retreating from the edge of 10 cm, tie a strong knot.
  4. Use tape to attach a loose 10-centimeter tip to the table or any other surface.

how to weave bracelets from a floss for beginners
So, the first stage is over. Now you will finally see how easy it is to weave braids from a floss. For beginners we explain in great detail. Next stage:

  1. Separate 2 threads of the same color from the others.
  2. First make sure that they are not twisted.
  3. Now take the right thread in the left hand, and the left thread in the right hand. The hands must be crossed with each other (the right one on top).
  4. Now put the left thread on top of the right oneso that a small space forms between them. Strictly follow the instructions, and then the baubles of the mulina (for beginners) will quickly submit to you, and in the future you can weave them with your eyes closed.
  5. Further, thread the same thread from below upwards into the formed space.
  6. Take it by the tip and start pulling upwards fromyourself. As you may have noticed, all this time the thread held by the left hand remains motionless and taut. For this it is important to make sure that the nodule is right.
  7. Have done? And now, without letting out the thread from the left hand, pull it again - just like the previous time.

You can be congratulated: you have mastered the very basics of fenkopleteniya! It is these double nodules that are the basis of all such bracelets. And it concerns not only slanting, but also more complex direct weaving.

What to do next? The following are your actions:

  1. The thread that you hold in your left hand can be released. Take the next, different color, and double-braid it. Use the same thread as for the last time.
  2. Now, take the next one. It should be the same color as the previous one. In this way, you will make the nodules on the first row using the same thread. Then you need to repeat the process, only in the role of "braid" will be the first thread on the left.
    how to weave braces for beginners

So you have to do many, many rows. The number of them depends on the circumference of your hand.

Well, now you can every day please yourself and surprise others, because how to weave braces for beginners is not so difficult!

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