Embroidering icons with beads: exquisite creativity!


Embroidery is a kind of applied art. Ability to embroider, as well as two hundred years ago, and in the XXI century develops in the woman master qualities, creative skill. The house where things are done by the hands of the hostess is filled with light and warmth.

There are masters of embroidery and among men. But the ability to embroider icons with beads, as a rule, is considered female creativity. This is useful for decorating your own home. You can work under the order - for the sake of earnings.

beaded embroidery

Bead embroidery

Women who have even twenty years of experienceembroidery, stitching and cross-stitching, often can not move quickly to beads, doing creative work. This is a subtle technique, but it's not difficult to master it. And because it is accessible even to the master who embroidered for the first time.

The main thing in working with beads is to feel the color andwork with pleasure. Moreover, embroidering icons with beads is not only technical work, but spiritual as well. After all, the face itself carries great power. And then this process is akin to prayer.

As for technology, there are special schemes for iconsbeads in sets. In the composition of which there are canvas (embroidery fabric already with a pattern), threads and needles, beads, a scheme. They are suitable for those who do the work for the first time.

Embroidery of embroidery

The art of beadwork, according to archaeological excavations, is no less than 12 centuries old. This means that the birth of the embroidery craft belongs to the era of Ancient Rus.

Since ancient times, it has been popular to embroider gold andsilver thread. Also used were precious stones, river pearls, mother of pearl. Thus, the embroidered product acquires additional decoration, value and expressiveness of the image.

icons of beads scheme

Then the art of embroidery continued to develop. At first it was common among nuns and women from noble families. And from the XVIII century, embroidered and peasant women.

In the Middle Ages, clothes for kings and ministerschurches were made of silk and velvet. And embroidered with gold and silver threads with precious stones. This skill for a woman of noble birth was an indispensable part of education.

And when the art of embroidery reached the girls frompoor families, this skill has become an important occupation for many young peasant women. The bride for 5-6 years before marriage was preparing a dowry, which included embroidered things for her husband and for the house.

Embroidery in the XXI century

Fashion for embroidering home textiles (pillowcases, tablecloths, towels) has returned to today's craftsmen. Embroidered also paintings, portraits, icons.

sets of beads icons

Embroidering the Icon of Our Lady with beads, and alsoicons of St. Nicholas and other saints - a popular and exquisite hobby. According to the legend, the icon for the house, embroidered by the hostess, protects and protects. And also such works are given to christenings and orthodox holidays native.

How to start beadwork?

Prepare everything you need right away.

  1. Workplace. Embroidery is an occupation lasting several weeks, or even months. Therefore, the place where the master will lay out additional materials and settle herself during the work, should be prepared and carefully thought out.
  2. Workplace lighting. In the work of embroidery with beads it is important to see the color shades, each bead. That's why you need bright lighting.
  3. Tools for work.
    First, the embroidery frame, which stretches the fabric. For work sizes of 20x30, 30x40, 40x50 centimeters and others, a hoop with a diameter of 20 centimeters will be required; for small-size - with a diameter of 10 centimeters. There is also a special frame for embroidering.
    Secondly, the fabric for embroidery is canvas. It is made of dense fabric (for example, flax).
    Thirdly, needles and strong thread for embroidery.
  4. Beads will need to be selected in tone, color and shape. The besther today is considered a product, aboutdiluted in The Czech Republic and Japan.

But to work in this way - without a scheme on the canvas and already selected beads in the set - can only true professionals. For beginners, special embroidery kits are suitable.

Embroidering icons with beads according to the scheme

Such schemes are reminiscent of those used for embroidery with a smooth or cross-stitch.

Only when embroidering icons with beads is it important to carefully select each bead by threading a needle with a thin and strong thread into it and attach it to the canvas. Thus, the picture is collected bit by bit.

In the set "Icons with beads" you will find everything you need to work.

icons of the Mother of God beads

In the instructions for the embroidery kit,how and where to start work better. If left to right, then the needle from the inside is passed to the lower left corner, while it is fixed in the upper right corner; and if from right to left, the needle is removed from the upper right corner and goes to the lower left.

Recommendations for embroidering an icon with beads:

  • Canvas tighten on the embroidery frame and secure;
  • in the beginning of the work to determine: where to start embroidery - from top to bottom or vice versa (but in no case do not change the direction of movement when the work has already begun);
  • beads to spread and sew exactly and in one direction.

Successful embroidery icons with beads!

Sets are sold in the store "All for Needlework" or in shops for artists.

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