How to make flowers from plastic bottles simple and beautiful


For humanity has always been and will be relevanttheme of garbage disposal. That is why the attraction is to turn the scrap into something useful or beautiful. Among the many options is especially popular now is the idea of ​​how to make flowers from plastic bottles.

how to make flowers from plastic bottles

Such flowers are often decorated with children's playgrounds,urban yards and rural manors. You can meet them in the apartments - as an ornament of flower pots and just an element of decor. They admire their diversity and unusual. Meanwhile, to create a flower from plastic bottles with their own hands is not at all difficult. The main thing in this business is a desire and some experience. If at first your own imagination seems to be insufficient, you can use the ideas of others as a model. Having mastered the technology, you will create independently, receiving great pleasure from it.

If you are determined to learn how to make flowersfrom plastic bottles, you should learn this in practice. You will need empty bottles of different colors and sizes, wire or branches for the stem, acrylic paints and brushes, a knife and scissors. Sometimes this is enough. But in some cases, you might also need a candle, a hair dryer or a pot of boiling water. It depends on what kind of flowers you plan to make.

First, let's look at how a small flower is made. This is the simplest handmade craft of a plastic bottle. For it, a white container made from milk or yogurt is perfect - without additional painting you will easily get a daisy. But, of course, dishes of any other color will do. You will still understand how to make flowers from plastic bottles.

Having determined what size flower you wantget, gently cut the bottom of the bottle. Decide on the number and shape of the petals. It is best to draw them, and then cut out the contour. The incisions are made to the very neck.

from plastic bottles with their own hands

Now bend the petals, give them the desiredshape. The easiest way to bend the petal with a jet of hot air from the dryer. The same way, you can slightly or strongly chaotically twist the petals, give them a wavy form. In some cases (for example, when making rose petals) it is more convenient to use a candle. But then there is a risk of melting the workpiece. It is worth accumulating some experience before using an open fire.

If you need to strongly twist the petals(as, for example, in the locust), it is easier to use another method. Wrap the petal with a roll and secure with a paper clip. After this, lower the workpiece in hot (almost boiling) water for 10 seconds. Plastic will be enough for this time to take the shape you need.

handmade from a plastic bottle

Actually, the base of the flower is ready! It remains to think of a middle ground for him. You can make it from foam, foam rubber or even a plastic bag, twisting out of it the resemblance of a rose. The stem can be made of wire wrapped in a cloth or a narrow strip of plastic from a green bottle. In that part of the neck where the thread is located, make a hole along the diameter of the stem, plant a flower on it and screw the lid so that the parts are pressed against each other. Another option is to fix the flower on a real branch. Perhaps, for this you will choose even a living tree?

How would you not use your craft, now youknow how to make flowers from plastic bottles. To create a flower of a different shape, another size or color, you just have to look carefully at the pattern. Over time, you can create bouquets of these masterpieces. And let the beauty in this world be greater, and the debris - less.

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