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PC users try to optimize the systemby itself, using wallpaper for a virtual desktop, changing the theme of the operating system and other tools. There is no way to make it easier for yourself to work on the Internet than to change the style. You can choose a new design for your taste and express your individuality. Let's consider further, as in "Yandex" to change the subject.

More about the design of the program

how to change the topic in Yandex
"Yandex" browser is based on Google Chrome,but has several differences. The source code is one - Chromium. First of all, the discrepancy is that by default the search system has been changed. The options and settings they have are similar, including the same principles and design of the program.

Stylization to your liking can be done in three ways:
• change the general theme of the browser;
• Specify the design of the main page of the search engine;
• apply thematic settings for the mail service.

How to change the subject in Yandex - details

change the theme in the Yandex browser
Let's take a look at the first way to change the style: customize the overall design of the browser. To do this, you need to go to the address of the Google theme store. There you can find both free themes, and available after depositing funds to the account. At the same time, there are a lot of themes that are free to install, and it's easy to change the topic in "Yandex Browser" for your own needs. They are divided into groups, and also according to several criteria:

• Recommended for downloading;
• most commonly installed;
• new topics that are just gaining popularity;
• rating based on users' estimates (you can independently evaluate the topic you like if you visit the store with your account).

Before you change the subject in Yandex, youyou need to choose the design you like: it should be pleasant to perceive. To install, you need to click on the selected topic, after which you will go to the detailed information about the topic, and the "Install" button will appear. After you click on it, the installation will happen automatically.

Setting up the main page topic "Yandex"

By default, the main page is framed inwhite and yellow flowers without additional ornaments. Many people ask themselves how to change the topic in Yandex. To do this, you need to go to the main page of the portal and find the settings widget to the right of the news column. After clicking on it, a context menu will drop out, in which the first item is "Put a topic". After switching to the settings menu, a bar will appear at the bottom of your browser window, in which several topics will be displayed.

Are grouped layouts on the subjects, andBefore installation, each of the themes can be tried on by simply clicking on the one you like. If the chosen theme completely suits you and displays your personality, you need to save it with a special button from the bottom of the dark bar.

Features of mail from Yandex

change the subject in Yandex mail
In the mail service it is also possible to changedecor. To do this, find the pinion gear on the right next to your login and click on it. In the menu that opens, find the "Appearance" tab. After crossing it you will be presented with more than 40 themes for every taste. To change the subject in "Yandex" -mail is just as easy as on the main page of the service. Similarly, the topic selection service. You can try the theme, and then confirm the installation by saving. Styling the browser and services from Yandex to your taste will help you to optimize your Internet experience, as well as to complete the design of your entire computer in such a way that it's nice to spend time with it. In this way, you can show your individuality, which will help you to get tired less during your work.

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