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Make a banner once by yourself meansto save money on hiring artists and designers in the future. Although some works require an art education and a professional approach. This is due to the fact that firms specializing in such services, select the "necessary" for each product images, fonts, photographs, and in some cases slogans with logos.

how to make a picture link

On how to make a banner of a simple type, you canto tell in several sentences. First, we define its dimensions, among which are the standard ones: 88 by 31 pixels, 100 by 100, 120 by 120, 120 by 60, 120 by 600, 120 by 240 and 468 by 60 pixels. Unit of measurement - pixel - dot on the screen. Banners of non-standard sizes are undesirable, because the place for third-party banners on a particular resource is usually calculated when creating the page, and a very large banner is likely to be placed for a higher fee.

Secondly, it is necessary to draw the banner itself inprograms Corel, Photoshop, Paint, service Onservis or Inkscape, where the last three programs are available in free versions. To do this, you open a file of the required size, it runs a background, a simple graph (for a complex one, the corresponding education is required) and the inscriptions with standard fonts or executed with your own hand.

Thirdly, the resulting picture is saved in theor other format - GIF, PNG, JPEG, JPG, among which the most common are the last two as the best options for combining the quality and weight of the file. Note that picture banners weighing more than 35 kilobytes are undesirable, and the PNG format just "sins" with good quality at a large weight.

how to make a banner

Now the question arises, how to make a picturelink, so that by clicking on it, the user gets to the right page. To do this, you need to save the file you have drawn to the hosting and remember the path. After that, your partners who want to place your banner, you send the appropriate code, including the site address and a link to the saved file (a sample code can be found on the Internet).

After you've learned how to make a picture reference, it makes sense to talk about what to do if you want everyone to be able to take the banner code from your page.

In this case, it is better to place a sample of your banner through an insert on the code site in such a way that the picture appeared on the site. Then everyone can see what the banner looks like.

make a banner

After placing the link to the banner on your site, you need to put the tag "br", insert the phrase "code of the banner." Next, you need to place the code itself in the "textarea" tag.

An interesting problem is how to makeimage reference so that from one picture you can go to several links. To do this, you need to take a picture, for example, cartinka.jpg, and mentally divide into zones, clicking on which, the user will go to this or that page. After that the code is placed on the page using the "usemap" construct, the code of which is easily found on Internet resources.

Now you know how to make a link in the main ways, which will allow you to design web development yourself.

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