"Yula" application: user feedback, working principle, advantages and disadvantages

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The application "Yula", about which you can find inInternet, is another development for the promotion and sale of goods and services. Many people have already downloaded this program to their phones and are successfully using it. And someone did not like it. Let's look at the principles of work and consider the merits and demerits of this application.

The first presentation of the application "Yula"

Developers launched the novelty in October 2015of the year. The peak of the initial activity of downloads was recorded in the period from January to April of the following year. Loud advertising was not, and users learned about the product by accident. Information was distributed through "word of mouth" and through closed channels. By August 2016, when all the shortcomings and defects were fixed, the Yula application began to be actively advertised in social networks and on the leading television channels.

And on August 10, 2016 on the Mail.ru the news was published about the success of the mobile service. The application "Yula", reviews about which on Google Play were mostly positive, has become really popular.

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Number of Users

According to official statistics, the application usesmore than 2.5 million people every month. Critics rated the feedback on "Yulia" - the application was recognized as the main competitor-prototype of the long-existing "Avito". And although journalists do not believe in the same success, a large number of permanent users speaks about the demand for service among ordinary people.

Registration and working principle

Download the program for the submission of free ads can be on a smartphone with both the Android system and iOS.

After downloading the application, the service requestsregistration data. You can go through this procedure by specifying the phone number to which the automatic binding of "Yule" will occur. It is also possible to register through social networks.

The process takes several minutes, after whichyou can immediately start publishing your ad. As users confirm, the quality of the interface is excellent. The application "Yula", reviews about which are constantly added, like users for their simplicity and clarity.

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Application Advantages

The personal cabinet has three sections:

  • "For Sale";
  • "Sales";
  • "Archive".

You can submit ads in any amountwithout restrictions, although now some users have noticed that there is a limit. Each product can be accompanied with photos - there are four windows available for the photo.

You can contact the seller directly from the applicationby means of a message or a call, if he indicated this possibility in his / her personal account. Users mark a convenient opportunity to add a favorite item to their favorites to return to it later. You can also sort ads according to your needs.


But the reviews also point to shortcomings. So, until September 2016 it was possible to raise their goods free of charge in the tape, but after the next update, this opportunity disappeared. Now you can increase the views of your ad only by getting bonuses that you can buy, or getting for the recommendation to your friends. Periodically, users receive 10 free bonuses each time.

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Application feature: geolocation

When an ad is served, the app automaticallyDetermines the location of the person who entered the request, which ensures the selection of goods nearby. Also, the application shows the remoteness to the place on the map. And through the built-in filters you can manage the categories of products for viewing.

As the available "Yula"reviews of real users, there is some underdevelopment, which is facilitated by a constant comparison with Avito. Despite all the advantages, many simply do not see the point of using this "raw" application when there is a service that has long proved itself.

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