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Now we will tell you how to register inOrigin. This question is important, since this resource is incredibly popular among users, which means that many people want to know how to use it. This site is the official page of the company called Electronic Arts.

How to register in "Origin": opportunities

how to register in origin
It is here that anyone can readnovelties of the studio, participate in special promotions, and read reviews of new games. Note that registration in "Origin" will give you access to the wonderful world created by one of the most famous game manufacturers, adapted for personal computers, mobile phones and other devices.


registration in origin
At the first stage, you will see a special window,which will help you register in the "Origin". Here it is necessary to enter your e-mail registered in any of the services. Then click the "Next" button. However, this is not all you need to know in order to understand how to register with Origin. At the next step, you will have a questionnaire to be filled out. The main thing - the choice of Origin ID, as it will be shown to friends, as well as opponents in games. After entering the selected nick, click on any of the other fields in the questionnaire to find out if the alias is empty or busy. It is necessary, that under the filled item there was an inscription, executed in green font: "ID is available". The next step is to create and enter your preferred password, and then repeat the combination. Do not forget to define a secret question, and also give an answer so that you can restore access to all the functions of your account if you lose your password. If you do not resort to such a protection option, it may be very insulting to lose all achievements, for example, a house in the Sims. After all, if you do not enter the account, you'll have to start the game from the very beginning. Among other things, you need to name your country of residence and date of birth. Next, you must specify in the special field the characters from the picture. Also, you should decide if you want to become the owner of a subscription to the distribution of the studio. We put a tick in a special paragraph, than we confirm the consent with the privacy policy, and accept the document on the provision of services to the company "EA". When all the fields are completed, click "Next". From now on you can indicate in your application form the real name and name, and also add a photo.

About account access

register in origin
Account registered, the system is back to youtakes you to the Origin homepage. You can use the account in any Electronic Arts games. Now you know how to register in the "Origin", it remains only to complete the instruction with useful advice. After registration, the portal does not ask for confirmation of the email address, so be careful while filling this field, so do not activate the page on someone else's box. The company for itself has left the right to delete an account that has not been activated for 24 months. During its work, the site in question has managed to change several names.

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