How to come up with a cool nickname for a guy on the web

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A modern profile in social networks, onforums or nickname in the game - this is almost the second passport, in which, together with the avatar, you perceive others. Therefore, to choose the nickname you need seriously, given many nuances.

The problem of choosing a nickname

If for girls there are no problems with the choice of their alter ego: all kinds of cats, pussies, paws and other mi-mi-funny network names, then funny nicknames for guys is a whole story.

Of course, you can choose something classical,like the names of superheroes from movies, TV shows or comics. You can go in the trivial way and simply write your name in a different layout, for example using tabs to create letters. As an example, the nickname "Winnie the Pooh" will look like this - "BuHHu / 7yx". Variations can be many.

cool nickname for a guy

Finding a cool nickname for a guy is not an easy task. First of all, it must correspond to the inner world, to give an idea of ​​the nature of the person hiding under it. For example, it's silly to choose the name "Terminator" if you're a fan of turn-based strategies and comedy series. This nickname is more suitable for guys involved in sports and loving bloody action games.

And how do you still find a cool nickname for a guy, if he does not know who he wants to look in the eyes of Web users? Let's try the following method.

Come up with a cool nickname for a guy

Take a piece of paper or open an emptytext document and write in the column all the known nicks. Write the maximum number of names that will come to your mind. When the options are over, think another 10 minutes and write down a few more pieces. As the statistics show, the list is usually large.

Next, you need to reread everything that you wrote, and cross out those nicknames that you most often meet on the Web. Copy someone - not cool. The list has become noticeably smaller, does not it?

We got close to the essence of how to come up with a steepnickname for a guy - from the remaining options, select one or two aliases, which, in your opinion, most suited you. Check them for euphony, and if they are written in the Latin layout, make sure that no one will distort the pronunciation of your nickname. Otherwise, instead of a steep nickname, you will get a mocking nickname.

The result

cool nicks for guys

In each case, a cool nickname for a guyyou can think up differently. Someone has developed a fantasy, and someone can not think of anything better than LaserBoy. The 1996 film "Hackers" vividly illustrates the influence of the nickname on the attitude of the party. Choosing a pseudonym on the Web, do not violate the religious beliefs of the peoples of the world and do not breed enmity.

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