Instructions for users: how to confirm receipt of goods on "Aliexpress"

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Over the past couple of years, a huge virtualThe AliExpress platform has become one of the most popular around the world. This is not surprising, since the multimillion-dollar range makes it possible to purchase the necessary goods several times cheaper than in regular stores. However, this resource is for those who have patience, since using free shipping, one has to wait for 1 to 2 months. But it does not matter when it comes to significant savings, and people order goods not of prime necessity.

how to confirm receipt of goods by aliexpress

It is important for the buyer to know when to press "Confirm receipt of goods" on "Alyexpress", since this is a kind of guarantee of a refund for the purchase in case of non-receipt of the parcel.

Full and mobile versions

To date, use thisa platform is possible not only from a desktop computer, but also with the help of any modern phone or tablet, since you can download an application on the basis of Android / IOS in free access. To do this, visit the AppStore or Google Play.

The design is no different from the full version,so no buyer is uncomfortable with the use of the mobile version of "AliExpress." Registration is not needed. It is enough to enter your data, through which the user logs into the account through a browser on the computer. How can I confirm receipt of goods on "AliExpress"? This way that in the mobile, which in the full version is similar. But you can do this only after the purchase is in the hands of the buyer.

How does the order system work on AliExpress?

AlieExpress is a trading platform whereChinese sellers and stores offer the attention of the audience goods of various categories at an affordable cost. It should be noted that often the same product for multiple sellers has a different value, so you need to view as many offers as possible.

If the necessary thing was found, nextwe act according to the usual principle of making purchases in the online store. We send the goods to the "Basket", check the delivery address, which is indicated when registering in the application, and make payment.

Ways of payment

It is important to know that the resource is running on the systemprepayment. Although there is a "Payment on receipt" item in the menu, this function is currently unavailable. AliExpress accepts payment from bank cards, electronic payment systems (WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex.Money). Therefore, each buyer can easily use the most relevant method.

After registration of purchase and fulfillment of paymentthe receipt of money is checked within a few minutes, and then the order is sent to the seller for processing. According to the established rules, order processing takes place within a week. If the goods were not sent within this period, the order is automatically canceled and the money is returned.

Every user should know how to"Alyexpress" confirm receipt of the goods, as payment to the seller's account comes only after the fulfillment of certain actions of the buyer, in particular, confirmation of receipt of the purchase.

aliexpress registration

How do I confirm receipt?

The AliExpress work system has been adapted forusers who are handling new gadgets on you. After all, they are the same customers as the other, more advanced audience. Accordingly, the interface should be clear to all users of "AliExpress." Registration, selection, payment and confirmation of purchase - everything works on an intuitive level. Any user can cope with the task.

After a long-awaited acquisitionin the hands of the buyer, the latter must know how to confirm receipt of the goods on "Alyexpress". To do this, go to your "Personal account" and visit the section "My orders". The list of active purchases, as a rule, is presented in the form of a usual list with two buttons. You need to select an order with the received product and click the "Confirm receipt" button. Next, the system will offer to evaluate the quality and operation of the store.

When you press to confirm receipt of goods
To do this, the user goes to the "Pending feedback" section and puts out the number of stars that, in his opinion, deserve the goods and services provided by the seller.

For publication of the assessment and withdrawal in the compulsoryit is necessary to attach at least one photo with the goods. Otherwise, publication is not possible. This innovation is considered relatively recent and not very convenient, since the order will hang in this category for a month if you do not have the opportunity to photograph the product.

What to look for, before"Aliexpress" confirm receipt of goods? The user must take into account the period of protection of the buyer. As a rule, it varies from 30 to 45 days. During this period of time, the buyer has the right to open a dispute and demand to return their money if the goods have not been delivered. An alternative option is to contact the seller, who will extend the term of protection, since the "Russian Post" service sometimes works very slowly, and some parcels go even after a two-month wait.

Do not believe the persuasion of the seller whoasserts that the parcel will soon arrive at the buyer, and invites him to confirm receipt, as the time expires. Otherwise, you can not only not wait for the goods, but lose your money.

If the period of protection of the buyer is over, and the customerdid not manage to open a dispute, in this case the possibility of a refund remains active for one month. But it's best not to bring to extremes and ask to extend the term of protection or arrange a dispute with the seller, demanding to make a cash back.

how to confirm receipt of goods on aliexpress


To make online shopping only pleasantemotions, the user should not only competently select the goods and sellers, but also know how to correctly confirm the receipt of the goods on "Aliexpress", in order to be able to manage to get their money back if necessary.

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