Electronic Wallet Blockchain: reviews, advantages and disadvantages

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With the advent of crypto currency has gained popularityelectronic purse Blockchain. Its peculiarity is that it is the largest and most popular resource that stores coins - bitcoins. Today, the number of registered users in the system exceeds three million people.

What is it?

How does the Blockchain wallet work? User reviews confirm that it is easy to use, understandable, reliably stores customer data and cybercurrency.

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Bitcoin-wallets that belong toregistered users are stored on the server. Get access to them easily from any digital device. This is very convenient, since you can withdraw money from your account anywhere in the world.

What is it for?

Bitcoin is the world's first crypto currency, whichappeared eight years ago. Bitcoin, in contrast to the usual for many electronic money, has a number of differences. Reviews Blockchain-users indicate the benefits of crypto currency. It includes decentralization, ease of use, transparency of the system, anonymity, a small commission, fast funds transfer, irrevocable transactions. Buy bitcoins and replenish your wallet in exchangers, which are huge in the Internet. For example, in the systems "WebMoney", "Kiwi" there is an opportunity to exchange for the necessary crypto currency.

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Buy bitcoins on special exchanges.They pay for purchases, services or trade. Their main difference is dispersal. This means that the bitcoin network is not controlled by the center, but is distributed among the participants. Apply to it rules or restrictions, no one can. The bitcoin system tracks the committed transactions and builds a sequence, which is called a blockbuster. The chain includes blocks containing information about transactions based on addresses. Registered users on the resource "Blochein" get access to the advanced features of the site.


Is it difficult to open your Blockchain wallet?User feedback is something to consider when registering. The features of the purse include the simplicity of the interface and ease in making transactions. Here, backup copies of the means are created and protection against unauthorized access to them. The system provides its customers with the most comfortable service, as it works with exchange partners and makes the process of buying bitcoin safe and fast.

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Like ordinary money, bitcoin is a currency,but digital and decentralized. You can exchange it without intermediaries. This allows you to monitor funds and reduce fees. The resource provides its customers with hierarchical deterministic addresses, monitoring of expenses, transaction fees, more than twenty exchange rates, technical support.

How to create

In order to create an electronic wallet,go to the address of the resource https://blockchain.info. User reviews indicate that the "Blochein" service is reliable and convenient for knowledgeable people and beginners. In order to create a purse, it will take quite a bit of time. The interface of the service is intuitive, it does not cause any difficulties. The wallet is created quickly. To improve the security of translations, it is generated for one-time transactions. Open the site, click on the "Wallet" section, fill out the empty form, be sure to specify the e-mail address, the identifier and purse address will be sent to it.

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Reviews about Blockchain-resource advise to createa strong password for entering the wallet. Personal information about the client is not required, the system retains full anonymity. The service does not store user passwords, so if the client forgets it, it will not be possible to restore the combination. This means that the bitcoins in the purse will be lost. It is desirable that the password length is at least ten characters. After the user receives the email, you must enter the ID on the site. Now you can start operations by carefully studying the settings of the wallet.


It is difficult or not to replenish the purse on Blockchain.info? Testimonials confirm that it is not difficult to do this. Replenish the account is allowed only by transferring bitcoins from another purse. This rule is relevant for all bitcoin-systems. To convert crypto currency into rubles, euros or dollars, use special exchange services. Bitcoins are sold on online exchanges. If you want to make a transfer, you will need the purse's purse address. Withdraw funds from the Blockchain system easily, you just need to send the bitcoins to the purse address of another service user. If the customer pays biccoins for a service or goods, the money is transferred to the purse of the seller.


Should I start a purse on the service "Blocking"?Judging by the opinions of those who earn a crypto currency, the resource has its positive and negative sides. The advantages include fast withdrawal of funds, ease of use, reliability, the Russian-language interface of the site, the ability to choose languages, problem-free operation of the resource, ease of registration. The resource is functioning well in the browser, there is a mobile application, many settings. To transfer money from the account are removed quickly, there is no need to install software and download operations. There is a display of operations, security, transaction tracking, security system.

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Reviews about electronic wallet Blockchainambiguous, because many users are faced with significant flaws in the system. For example, some believe that the resource does not protect against Internet fraud, money can be transferred without the client's knowledge, a large commission, a long identification number for crypto currency, a wallet is only suitable for bitcoins, it is impossible to track the transfer of funds without participation and approval.

Many users complain about uncontrolledaccess, long waiting times for transactions, long withdrawal of bitcoins. In order to withdraw the Crypto currency, you need to save it for a long time, it is unprofitable to transfer small amounts. Sometimes purse wipes with funds due to one-time transactions, it's hard to load the interface. In any case, making money on the Internet, like any business, is a risk. The production of crypto-currency is not a simple process, just like the withdrawal of earned funds.

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