How to get a bitcoin-wallet: step-by-step instruction

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How to get a bitcoin-purse and fill it with bitcoins - this issue today worries if not all, then many users of the global network.

Crypto currency - what is it?

Crypto currency is called a certain category of digitalcurrency - a subspecies of electronic money, to control the release and promotion of which neither states nor individuals can. Mediator sites that transfer bitcoins or other crypto currency from one purse to another or its withdrawal to a bank card may appoint a commission at their discretion. Bitcoin-course is unstable, anyone can follow the jumps.

Today the krpatovalauta is legalized in manycountries, but there are countries where the use of this category of electronic money is prohibited by law. No serious bank allows the withdrawal of virtual money.

How to replenish bitcoin-wallet? With the help of payment systems Qiwi, WebMoney, "Yandex.Money" and other "payments".

Where do the bitcoins

The procedure for obtaining any type of crypto currencycalled mining. The account of the getter is credited with payment for the simple actions taken. As the mining develops, it becomes more difficult and more difficult to extract the crypto currency, which is why many Internet entrepreneurs compare this to the type of activity with gold mining.

Pay for services or purchases from the purse in which the crypto currency is stored, it is possible only by transferring funds from one same type of purse to another.

When the funds expended for obtaining a currency pool exceed its present value, the existence of this subspecies of electronic money ceases.

Create a bitcoin-wallet (or a carrier of anothertype of digital currency) in order to pay bills and make financial transfers, you can on special sites that register electronic purses for free.

Creating a purse to collect bitcoins on the site

How to get a bitcoin-purse using the Blockchain service? The procedure is very simple.

create bitcoin wallet
Once on the site, the user should go to the tab with the inscription "Wallet", and then click on the inscription "Create a new wallet".

By specifying an e-mail address and having a password,the potential holder of the wallet continues to register the bitcoin-wallet by clicking the "Continue" button, and when the key phrase necessary to restore access to the account is opened in the window that appears, it must be written down or printed using the "Quick Print" option.

bitcoin purse registration
Once again clicking on the "Continue" message, the user appears on the page with the identifier, which is recommended to be overwritten or saved in a separate file.

At the end of the procedure, you must specify a password,opening a newly created bitcoin-purse. Registration is considered completed after successful authorization on the site after clicking on the "Open Wallet" button.

At the end of the procedure, the user must go toThe page where all information concerning received and spent bitcoins is registered. The address for obtaining this type of crypto currency is indicated at the bottom of the page.

How to create Bitcoin Wallet (bitcoin purse) for Android

Before you start a bitcoin-purse in yoursmartphone, its owner needs to make sure that the Bitcoin Wallet version found in the Global Network is comparable with the settings of the phone. Then Bitcoin-purse, downloaded from the Internet and installed on the smartphone, will work autonomously.

how to get the bitcoin purse
If the purse is installed correctly, the ownerthe phone will be able to use the built-in applications Bitcoin Wallet - a calculator and a program for currency conversion, using which you can display the available bitcoins (BTC) in the form of any other known currency.

The keys to the address of the bitcoin-wallet and the address itself are stored in the phone's memory, usually in the wallet.dat file. The owner of the phone has the opportunity to block access to the wallet.dat wallet created by the password.

How to get a bitcoin-purse in the WebMoney system. Instructions for the beginner

To start a purse for earning bitcoins canusers of the popular payment system WebMoney and formalized a formal certificate. To do this, you need to provide the site with your passport details and mobile phone number.

Proposal indicate mobile phone numbercomes immediately after the registration of a new user. At the next stage of the potential owner of the wallet, Bitcoin is asked to enter personal data, after which the user who clicked on the "Continue" button will be transferred to a new page where he will enter the digital code sent to the mobile phone number in the window that opens.

Pressing the "Continue" button againon the next registration page, the newly-made wallet owner must come up with and set a password with which he can log into his billing account.

bitcoin course
Once on the next page of the site withwith the inscription "Create a purse", the user can either create all the wallets immediately, or first open the bitcoin-purse (selecting the required abbreviation from the list), and create the remaining wallets later.

Bitcoins in the "WebMoney" system are designated by the abbreviation WMX.

How to create bitcoin-purse, using the program WM Keeper

After opening the program WM Keeper klassic("WebMoney Keeper Classic"), go to the tab with a list of purses, then in the top menu, find the "Create" button, which is in the upper left corner of the list of available purses).

open bitcoin wallet
Clicking the "Create" button, the useropens a list of available to create wallets and selects the desired position. In this case, this WMX purse (1 WMX is equivalent to 0.001 bitcoins). After the creation of the purse, its owner will be invited to read and agree to the terms of the contract for the creation of property rights.

The number of the purse created is the account on which the bitcoins will be stored.

You can exchange Bitcoins to WMX without authorization on the WebMoney site using the Bitcoin replenishment and withdrawal service.

How to get Bitcoin-address on the WebMoney site and bind address to WMX purse

It is necessary to understand that the Bitcoin-address and the WMX internal purse are not the same. The wallet, created on the WebMoney website, serves to pay for services and purchases.

To the desired bitcoins obtained onall kinds of sites that distribute this kind of virtual currency, found themselves in the WMX purse, the holder of the electronic wallet needs to first get the Bitcoin-address from WebMoney, and then bind it to the bitcoin-wallet.

how to replenish bitcoin wallet
Authorized on the refill service page andoutput Bitcoin, whose address is listed above, and opening the "Operations" tab, the WMX purse holder activates the "Get" command, after which the Bitcoin address is downloaded and activated.

From now on, all Bitcoin (the rate of this currency,by the way, can fluctuate hourly, as this is one of the most unstable in the virtual world of currencies), received on specialized sites and credited to Bitcoin-address, will automatically fall into the WMX purse. After converting, they can easily be displayed on any card.

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