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Few of the usual Internet usersthinks about how, on his request, search engines determine which sites to show first and which ones to put on the pages starting with the second. But the one who at least once tried on a specialty copywriter or rewriter, of course, knows this little secret. Keywords "Yandex" - one way to optimize the content (content) of the site so that "Yandex" or Google preferred this particular resource.

Keywords Yandex
By and large, the keys are the most commonrepeated requests. To find out which combinations or simply words are the most popular in the search, you can thanks to the service On the site there is a filter, having entered into the menu which necessary phrase, in a second you get a page of four columns. The first contains the key words "Yandex" in its pure form, and also with the "plus sign" options for their use. The second is the frequency of requests. The third is alternative key phrases. The fourth - again, the frequency of requests per month.

Keyword statistics on "Yandex" will allowpick up such combinations that will certainly help to promote the Internet resource to more profitable positions in the search engines. But do not abuse this technique. Otherwise, the site will be treated as garbage (spam). And then the search robots simply exclude this page from the index. On the advice of experienced optimizers, there are several correct tricks of how to use the keywords "Yandex":

  1. Use the nominative in the title of the article, but so that it is
    Keyword Statistics on Yandex
    part of the sentence.
  2. The body of the text is filled with key phrases from two to four, evenly distributing them.
  3. Provide an article with an image, a photo, a picture, in the title (title) of which to use the keywords "Yandex."

Specialized services help in the workcopywriter, reraiter, content manager. As already mentioned, the selection of keywords "Yandex" begins with entering them into the search But here it is necessary to pay special attention to the second column - the frequency of requests. Remember, this is not the number of hits to search engines per month, but the sum of the entire second column. How to determine a pure number. The search word in the search must either be enclosed in quotation marks or an exclamation mark next to it. It is better to use both one and the second operator at the same time. That is, the query will look like this: "the request will look like this." Only in this case, you can get a pure number of search terms in a month. If you enter the exclamation mark (!) With one operator, then the Yandex statistics will reflect not only the keyword, but also the phrases containing it. A single quotation operator ("") will count all the word forms associated with the key.

selection of keywords Yandex
Since the optimization of the site for search engine queriessystems should be as accurate as possible, it is necessary to understand that both incoming keywords and phrases should be as correct as possible. So, for example, if the query was entered, ignoring the operators, and its frequency is 100 per month, then in reality it could be much less.

Almost the same are the keywords from Google. But this is already the topic of a separate article.

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