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It is safe to say that for todayevery experienced internet user has his own email account. Although the creation of e-mail is not a tricky business, for many newcomers it becomes a difficulty. It is important to note that every Internet user will need his own mail in any case. Therefore, in this article we will walk through the creation of an e-mail address.

For example, we take one of the mostwidespread Internet mail systems. We will disassemble the creation of email in Gmail. This service is provided by Google and is completely free. These tips are basically suitable for all other email services. Only small details can differ.

First, we open the main page of the search enginesystem Google. At the top of the page you will see various links, one of which will be "Mail". Accordingly, go to it. In the window that opens, you will see the login form and other information. Pay attention to the upper right corner. There you will find a button - "CREATE ACCOUNT". Here we will start creating email. In the window that opens, we will need to fill in some fields. Be especially careful when filling them.

creating an email address
The first thing we need to fill is the name andsurname. Here you can write anything, if you do not have a special desire to leave real data about yourself. The next line, one of the most important - you need to come up with a name. Those. here you need to enter the address or "name" of your future mailbox. This name will be before the mail domain (@ The next step is to create a password. Be careful when you come up with your password. It should be quite complex so that it is not hacked, but at the same time not so difficult that you can not remember it. A little advice - use Russian words on the English keyboard. Such a password will be easy to remember, but difficult to crack.

Next, to register e-mail, you need tofill in the date of birth, gender, phone number (optional), and enter verification numbers. Also at the end tick the box that you accept the terms of the mail service, and click on the "Next" button. At the next stage you can add a photo if you want. Also click "Continue". Well, that's all, our joint creation of e-mail has come to an end. On the page that opens, you will see a congratulation that you successfully registered in the Gmail system. Also here is the address of your mail, for example, [email protected] Copy it or write it down separately so you do not forget it. Click the "Go to Gmail" button.

creation of electronic mail
After you go to the service, it will openwindow with your mailbox. For convenience, you can add it to your bookmarks. To get to this page "from scratch", see the first steps of registration.

As can be seen from this instruction, the creatione-mail - the matter is really simple and will not take you much time. Also I want to note that if you register in the Gmail system, then you now have an account for other services from the Google system. Successful use of your new mail!

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