Statuses on "Vatsap" with meaning: messaging and mood

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Statuses on "Vatsap" with meaning are in demand,because they reflect the mood of a person, his attitude to life and to people. We offer variants of short statements that will help express the current state of the user and the course of his thoughts.

statuses on vatsap with meaning

The statuses for Vatsap are short, with meaning

Here are a few rather capacious statements:

  • "Respect is only for a worthy person."
  • "Knowledge is strong when it is silent."
  • "The one who wants to help will do this even with bound hands and blindly."
  • "Believe in the power of a boomerang - evil will necessarily return, to the one who made it."
  • "To stand under the rainbow, you need to survive the rain."
  • "It makes sense to look only at those who are above, and do not give up for those who are below."
  • "A really strong person does not brag about his muscles, but protects the weak."
  • "Lost money can be earned again." A lost reputation can not be restored. "
  • "The life of good with those who rejoice in it."
  • "Stupidity is an inadmissible luxury for me, and it is very expensive to pay for it."
  • "The future is lighter the darker the past."
  • "A person lives on the invisible scale - in one side he is praised, in another - damned."

Statuses on "Vatsap" with meaning are joyfuland sad, funny and philosophical. But this is the first thing that a person who wants to contact you will read. Let these words be beautiful and radiate positive.

statuses for vatsapa are short with meaning

Statuses about love

It should be noted that the statuses on "Vatsap" with the meaning of love, perhaps, are found most often. Help the following phrases to express themselves correctly and beautifully about this feeling:

  • "Being together and loving are not the same, often it goes in parallel."
  • "It is much better to bask in the arms of a loving person than to lie at the feet of a loved one."
  • "In love as in chess - you can not lose the queen to save pawns."
  • "Your life is governed by someone else, if he is loved."
  • "Love is able to ascend to the skies and break with the same coolness about the rocks."
  • "Your voice sounds in tune with my heart."
  • "Once I had a dream, and it came true - now I have you."
  • "Read my status and think about me."
  • "One of his words can revive me, this is the word" mine. "
  • "In love it's worse to be indecisive than mistaken."
  • "In friendship between a man and a woman, there is always someone's hope."
  • "Women do not so subjugate things as beautiful words."
  • "It's not jealousy .It's my own happiness."
  • "Do not ever give up love, Love to the last breath, Love to the last day."

Islamic statuses for vatsapa are short with meaning

Christian and Islamic statuses for "Vatsapa", short with meaning

Religion for a believer is a way of thinking, attitude to life and its meaningfulness. The statuses on "Vatsap" with meaning will help convey this feeling of oneness with God:

  • "When you can not forgive someone, remember how much God forgave you for."
  • "It's not so important how people perceive me, more importantly, how Allah sees me."
  • "The ideal in this world is only God."
  • "God created all of them unique." Appreciate it in yourself. "
  • "There is no one stronger than a man protected by God." There is no one weaker than that deprived of it. "
  • "Good is the only way to God."
  • "The life of those who rely on God is not empty, it is empty for those who have no hope in their hearts."
  • "The world does not begin with other people, it begins with your faith."
  • "Philosophy teaches to endure, Christianity is to hope."
  • "Spiritual experience comes only through the pain experienced."

Statuses about destiny

The statuses for Vatsap are short, with meaning, statements that can show how much a person believes in fate, whether he gives preference to the case or to his own forces:

  • "Fate never sends us unnecessary people."
  • "When it becomes unbearable to live, maybe fate is looking for a way to make you happy." Wait. "
  • "Accidents are fictions of fate."
  • "If fate brings you again and again, then she has plans for you."
  • "There is always a place of choice in life, and any choice is destiny."
  • "Fate gives clues in the form of a case, and we are in charge of it ourselves."
  • "We are in power to build our own destiny."
  • "Thinking that we are deceiving fate, we are deceived ourselves."
  • "Insecure people thank the fate." Confident - people themselves. "
  • "Under the influence of fate, a character is formed, perhaps, character is destiny."
  • "Life we ​​get on loan, but we build our own way."
  • "Fate does not like indecisive."
  • "Let go of the past, everything that's needed has already happened there."

statuses on vatsap with the meaning of love

The status of "Vatsap" with meaning is an attempt to tell people about their condition. Let them be only optimistic and reflect faith in the best!

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