How to view bookmarks in "VC" from your computer, add or remove them

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The bookmark section appeared "VKontakte" alreadyfor a long time, but still there are often questions about why they are needed, how to use them and how to look at the bookmarks in the "VC" from the computer. Further in the article, we will take a closer look at each of them.

How to view bookmarks

To see what this section represents, you need:

  • Log in to your page.
  • In the left menu, you will see the "Bookmarks" item, click on it.
  • Once on the page, you will see severaltabs: "Photos", "Videos", "Records", "People", "Links". This distinction is necessary in order to be able to freely navigate and find the right file faster.

how to view bookmarks in a PC from a computer

Do not know how to look at bookmarks in "VC" fromcomputer in the photos section? To do this, open the "Photos" tab in the "Bookmarks" section. There will be images that have been uploaded to the site by your friends.

In the "Videos" tab you will find video clips, videos, movies and other video materials that your friends added.

Entering the same tab "Records", the user will be able toSee all the new publications that friends placed on their personal pages. And also there the information published by groups, public pages and those who shared the news through the button "Tell your friends" is displayed there.

Think about how to look at the bookmarks in "VC" fromcomputer from a friend? If you want to find an interesting person or look at a page that you often visit, you can do it through the "People" section. To constantly not search for a person through the search engine, simply enter his profile in this section, for this, copy the link to the user page and add it.

how to view bookmarks in a PC from a friend's computer

Do not know how to look at bookmarks in "VC" fromcomputer on the new version? In the same way as mentioned above. In the "Links" section you will see groups and public pages that were previously added to this section.

How to add a person to bookmarks?

Now you know how to look at the bookmarks in "VC" from the computer, let's find out how to fix an interesting page in them. To add a friend's profile, you will need:

  • Go to his page.
  • Select "Add to bookmarks" in the menu.

If you do not see such an item, you must create it yourself. How to do it?

  • On your page, open the settings.
  • Next - the section "Additional Services".
  • Find the tab "General" and next to the item "My bookmarks" check the box.

How to delete bookmarks

Over time, some communities become uninteresting or with someone you stop communicating, and then it becomes necessary to delete the bookmark. How to do it?

  • Enter the "Bookmarks" menu, then "Links".
  • Select the desired group to unsubscribe, go to this page.
  • Open the context menu under the avatar and click the "Remove from bookmarks" button.

After performing this procedure, the profile updates will no longer be displayed in your bookmarks.

how to view bookmarks in the PC from the computer on the new version

In order to exclude people from bookmarks,you should do the same, only in the bookmarks menu go to the People tab and select the person you want to unsubscribe from the list. After that, you will not receive notifications about updates to his profile.

Now you know how to look at the bookmarks in the "VC" from the computer, and you can correctly use this function.

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