How to create a new mailbox on "Yandex"? Instructions for creating a mailbox on "Yandex"

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Today in our country there are two searchsystems, leading in popularity and significantly outperforming all others in terms of frequency of use. This is Google and Yandex. And the latter is exclusively Russian development. In addition to the search function, "Yandex" offers a number of other useful services to its users, including e-mail. If you are not already using this resource, then read about how to create a new mailbox on "Yandex" and what features it provides.

The first thing you need to get to the main pagesearch engine. To do this, enter its url-address - in the address bar. In the upper right corner you will see a small square block called "Mail". We need a button that allows you to start a mailbox on "Yandex". It is called "Start a mail". Click on it and go to the registration section.

create a new Yandex mailbox

Instructions for registering a new mailbox in "Yandex"

In order to register in the system, you must enter your personal data in the appropriate fields:

  • surname;
  • name;
  • login.

How to choose a login?

Login is a unique identifier that youwill use to enter the mail and other services in "Yandex." To facilitate the creation of a login, you will be offered a list of 10 names, formed on the basis of your personal data (name and surname). If you are not satisfied with the proposed options, you can come up with your own, but it should not coincide with the names already registered in the system. Otherwise, you have to select another one, until you finally find a free one. Please note: when the mailbox is created on "Yandex" it will be impossible to change the login.

open a mailbox on yandex

We come up with a password

Next you will be directed to the pageregister a password for your mail. In order to create a new mailbox on "Yandex", you will need a reliable and preferably complex password. This directly affects the security of your mail from hacking, so take this step seriously. It is recommended not to use simple words as access code (they will be easy to pick up for intruders), as well as names, dates of birth, passport data and similar personal information. To create a fairly complex password, use an "illogical" sequence from:

  • lowercase and uppercase letters;
  • digits;
  • permissible punctuation marks (comma, period, asterisk, brackets, etc.).

You can use a very simple idea - to come up withAny word in Russian and write it using the English keyboard layout. In the future, do not tell anyone your password, Yandex experts do not have the right to ask.

start a mailbox on yandex

Security Question

The next step that must be taken tocreate a new mailbox on "Yandex", - come up and answer a security question. It is necessary to recover the password in case you forgot it. The question also should not be from the category of "what's my name?", And only you should know the answer to it.

Mobile phone

If you want, you can add at registrationyour mobile phone number, which will be attached to your mailbox. It will also be used to recover the password. In addition, it will be able to receive some important notifications. This procedure of number binding is available after the new mailbox on "Yandex" is created. It can be found in the corresponding section "Phone Numbers".

The final stage

Now you have only a few steps to go.Enter the special characters (code) generated automatically. It is necessary to prove to the system that you are not a robot, but a real person. After entering, click on the "Keep a Mail" button. Now you have your own mailing address.

Creating a Yandex Mailbox

We use the mail "Yandex"

To get started, you need to open a mailbox for"Yandex." You can also do this from the main page. In the upper right corner in the blue box, enter your login and password. If you enter from someone else's computer, check the corresponding box. You will fall into the box for your letters. Here you can:

  • write, read and forward the letter;
  • sort, group letters;
  • customize the appearance of the interface (choose the design, splash);
  • customize various email programs;
  • subscribe to RSS feeds;
  • much more.

Using the built-in functions, you can configureautomatic sorting of letters into folders. To do this, you need to create rules with certain conditions, under which the letters will fall into one or another section. If you have a separate mail for certain addresses (for example, letters of work), you can set them to be automatically forwarded in the "Rules for processing mail" section. With other possibilities of "Yandex" -mail you will become acquainted when you create your own box.

new yandex mailbox

Mail for the domain on "Yandex"

In addition to regular mail, you can create a new onemailbox on "Yandex", which has a unique address in the form of "[email protected]". Here, any name you like can act as a name, and as a domain - the name of your domain, if any. At the same time, you can create up to a thousand boxes on one single domain registered on "Yandex". This is convenient, including for small business owners. So you can connect to the "Yandex" -mail domain of your organization and have it mailboxes for all your employees. Or if you are a curator of a group of students - create your own domain mail and communicate with all your students easily and quickly.

For example, an electronic box of this kind may have the form [email protected] Here sara is the name of the owner of the mailbox, and artstudio is the name of the organization to which the mail domain belongs.

How to create a new mailbox on "Yandex" for your domain

The first thing you need to do is connectdomain to the service "Yandex". On the "Domain Connection" page, you need to enter its name in the appropriate form and click the "Connect" button. You will be taken to the page with the list of domains you added. In order to start using the service "", you need to go two steps:

  • confirm that you own this domain;
  • to delegate the domain to the management of "Yandex" services.

After that, the entrance to your mailbox will beis available at the following address: If you want to be able to open a mailbox on "Yandex" through your interface, you need to configure access to the authorization form on the domain. This will use the address of the form of domain.

You can do this using the DNS record editor, which the registrar of your domain provides access to. Here you need to specify the following data:

  • subdomain name (mail);
  • type of record (cname);
  • data (

After that, the link of the domain will automatically redirect you to the page of your domain.

how to create a new yandex mailbox


In this article, we looked at how to create a newmailbox on "Yandex" and how it can be used. In addition, we learned about the possibility of creating your own mail domain on the Yandex service, which allows you to get a huge number of "subordinate" boxes for your employees, students, friends or just for yourself. We hope that this information was useful to you.

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