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Everyone wants a social network or personalsites use statuses about money, about luck and other material benefits. This helps to bring success to yourself and make dreams come true. Scoop ideas can be in different sources, and you can add statuses about the money yourself. The main thing is to include imagination and start creating.

statuses about money

Statuses about money are fun in verse

In the poetic form of the expression, thought is quickly remembered and attracts a lot of attention, for example:

They say that money is evil,

But without them good can not prosper.


Can not enough money for food,

And someone in the villa on the beach.

But still there are not many of them.


If money is not to love,

They will not live with you.

Therefore it is worth paying attention,

To the correct monetary state.


The status of a person is not in money,

And in the brains, deeds and words.


Not that rich, whose wallet is wide,

And he who could do it himself.


They say that money can not be bought for money.

But you will buy a ticket, which will join the beautiful country.

That's where you'll meet happiness,

But without money you will not notice.


It is not necessary to say that money is evil.

After all, only with them can you do good.


Evil can not bring good,

And the cleanliness will not bring dirt.

Why is it always about money that they say to us.

Apparently, they were written first

The one who has them full.

statuses about money are fun

Statuses about money in prose

Of course, not only in the poetic form canconvey the desired thought. Also there is an opportunity to convey to the audience statuses about money with a sense in prosaic form. So you can deeper express your own thoughts.


Yesterday I heard from a man in a mink coat, on an expensive car that was heading to a steep area of ​​the city, that money was not happy. Apparently, this person is unhappy or just stupid.


They say that for money you can not buy any health, norhappiness. Only in hospitals they require to buy expensive medications for treatment, and they do not give permits to warm regions for charitable actions.


To say that happiness is not in money, can either those who have a lot of them, or those who do not have them at all, so as not to upset themselves.


Yes, the meaning of life is not in money. But without them, the meaning is completely different.

statuses about money with meaning

Also very popular are the statuses about money with sarcasm.


Everyone spends money on spoiling their health. And everyone wants the doctors to restore it for free.


Those who have a weak financial position, are accustomed to spend money as if they do not end, so what if these spending lasts only two days.


It is very important to stop thinking about where to get money, and do something to make them appear. From the thought of a purse thicker will not, you need to act.


Few people like money, they do not represent any value in themselves. Therefore, almost everyone loves what they can buy.

Money is life, earned - hold on

Without money, life is complicated. After all, only with them you can increase your horizons, buy fashionable clothes, go on a trip. Try to spend wisely and collect on what you dream about, only so you can feel the real taste of life.

Therefore, spend financial resources wisely. Without a mind, they will never come in the right amount. Try with every income to save at least a small amount to satisfy your desires. You do not need to have a lot of notes in stock to fulfill your dreams. After all, for some, a dream is buying a house by the sea on the edge of the earth, and for others it's enough to just go with your family to the nearest resort. Prioritize correctly. For this you need only:

  • Set goals.
  • Start collecting funds.
  • Every day, remember your dream and imagine its implementation.
  • To appreciate money, and then they will love you, there is no doubt about it.
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