Open the kiwi wallet from the computer, or Money is under control

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Today, many are wondering howopen the kiwi wallet from the computer. In truth, if you are just starting to work with e-commerce, then this task will be more than simple for you. Much easier than, say, earnings on the Internet. But before thinking about how to open a kiwi wallet from a computer, let's, in general, understand what it is.

open the kiwi wallet from the computer

First meeting

Probably, very many people heard about this concept,as "electronic money". Especially they are familiar with those who are used to working on the Internet. This is your earnings, which you can not "hold in your hands." He is entirely at the mercy of information technology. To cash out such funds, you need to store them somewhere. That's when you need to open the kiwi wallet from the computer. This is done in just 5 minutes.

By itself Qiwi-purse - this is the place where youwill store the electronic money you have earned. It is organized so that you will create different sections (for rubles, dollars, euros and so on), which, in turn, will be assigned number-identifiers. It is important to know them. If you were able to figure out how to open a kiwi wallet, you can easily dispose of your e-profits and even cashed out cash.

On the way to a dream

So, now let's analyze in detail the wholeprocess of work and "appearance" of your electronic "bank". What do you need to get a kiwi-purse? Register through a computer, fill out some data - and you can use.

In order to start using thissystem, first of all go to the site "Kiwi": visa.qiwi. There you will see a big "button" with the inscription "to open a purse". If you decide that without e-commerce you can not escape, then boldly click on the inscription.

Now, to understand how to open a kiwi wallet withcomputer, look at what the window will open in front of you. The first step is to enter your real and valid mobile phone number. Do not be afraid, this is not spam or mailing - so the system can make sure that you are a real person. Remember that one mobile phone can not "tie" a few wallets. After that you will need to fill out your personal information and check your email. Click on the link confirming the registration, and all - you now know how to create an electronic purse "Kiwi".

 how to open a kiwi wallet from your computer

Mr. X

So, you got your own place forstoring your electronic money and thought it would be time to cash out. But how to do that? In fact, the question is rather complicated, more precisely, the course of the solution of the problem is a bit confusing.

The thing is that in order to openkiwi wallet from the computer and fully use it, you will need to send the system some evidence of identity. A mobile phone is not at all like that. A SIM card can be registered with your relative or friend, so the mobile phone is not a guarantee of identity identification.

As a confirmation it is necessary to send yourpassport data and wait for their approval (verification). Here, a scan or color photo of a page with a signature and a photo is suitable. It is also necessary to specify the place of registration. After you go to your account on the site visa.qiwi, make the necessary photos and send them to the administration. Also fill in the necessary data in the profile settings. Now you know how to open a kiwi wallet from a computer and prepare it for a full-fledged work.

 how to open a kiwi wallet

A little bit about the conclusions

But how can you make cashing outmoney you received with your electronic wallet? This function becomes available when you verify your personal data. This is done to prevent theft and hacking of your wallet.

The withdrawal of funds can be made by severalways. To the bank account is the first option. To do this, you will need to send and confirm the details of the bank and your real account. After that, within 7 days, money transferred from your wallet will be transferred to your account. Then you can cash them.

The second way is to withdraw to a bank card.This method is most convenient, since it will be easy to manage money, but they act faster than on a bank account. Usually the whole process lasts about 3 days. To do this, enter the card number in the appropriate field, confirm the operation and wait until the money arrives at the balance. You can calmly dispose of them.

 how to create an electronic kiwi purse

Impossible is possible

But there are also cases when anyneed to use the service qiwi, and electronic money must be transferred to another purse. That's when the problems begin. All due to the fact that there are no translations between the purses of the various services. However, there is a way to translate. Even two.

The first is one that is not usedis recommended, as there is a huge risk of loss and even hacking of your account. This is the transfer of money from one purse to another through third-party sites. The funds are credited to the account within 3 working days. Quite often people become just victims of deception. So it makes sense to use a long, but proven, method.

Long story

So, if you have a sharp need to give up qiwi and switch to another service, leaving all your money intact and safe, try the following method.

For him you will need a bank account,bank details and your wallets. First of all, transfer funds from the kiwi purse to your bank account. When the money arrives, transfer them to the service you need. This procedure usually takes about 1.5 weeks. True, during all transfers, you are charged a percentage of the amount with which manipulations occur. The total loss is usually about 100 rubles.

kiwi wallet register through computer

Today we learned how to open a kiwi wallet withcomputer, and learned how to use it. Remember, if you are not sure that you need it, it's better not to get an electronic wallet in general. If you decide to have "virtual" money, then carefully choose the service that you will use.

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