"Instagram". How to use it, if there is no smartphone?

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"Instagram" is a kind of separateA social network in which photos are exchanged. Initially, the program was designed only for Apple devices, but soon there were applications for the Android operating system. Instagram is freely available and completely free. The first such application was made available to users in 2010. Since its inception to this day, Instagram has enjoyed immense popularity among millions of people around the world. For 2013, the unique users of this program were more than 100 000 000. Although it is designed only for mobile platforms, some people prefer to use it from the entire computer. This article is dedicated to the program "Instagram". How to use it in the absence of a smartphone? What are the alternatives?

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Although the application officially does not allowto register with a computer, there are still ways to bypass this restriction. To do this, you just need to download the emulator of the android system on your PC and go from there to "Instagram". Registration in this case will be made in the normal mode, because the application server will think that you are currently using a smartphone. There is nothing illegal in this. If we talk about the emulator, then on the Internet now they are a huge number, they are accompanied by quite accessible instruction, with which you can easily make all the settings. The only thing that distinguishes you from other users is the lack of a camera. With the help of the emulator you can enter not only in the "Instagram". How to use this opportunity, it's up to you.

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Instagram has gained immense popularity thanks toA wide range of operations performed directly with photographs. That is, in this application there is the possibility of using various filters and special effects, which can significantly improve the appearance of the picture. Instagram for the computer does not allow you to perform any operations with photos. Since there is no possibility to take pictures. But to look at someone else's creation still no one banned. Therefore, from your personal computer you can enjoy photos of those users, on which you are subscribed on the website of the program "Instagram". How to use advanced features from your PC, you can find out on the official website.

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Instagram offers its userslink your account to the page in "VKontakte". This makes it possible to quickly and easily search for people of interest to you, because VC is much more adapted for conventional computers. As an alternative version of the emulator operating system "Android" you can use various online services that allow you to view photos of users without direct access to the site of the program "Instagram." How to use these sites, you can check with their developers who post their own instructions. Such kind of portals can not completely replace your real smartphone. And all functional is reduced to a minimum. But still it's better than nothing.

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