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To search for information on the Internetinterested in goods and services, users enter their queries into the search engines - keywords and phrases. Each request represents the needs and desires of a particular user of the search system. These queries are analyzed by search engines, based on their results, search results for user-relevant sites are displayed.

contextual advertising

key phrase

To understand what contextual advertising is, you need to consider its main features:

  1. Advertisements of contextual advertising are shown only to those users who may be interested in it.
  2. The advertiser pays only the transfer of the user through the advertising link, and not the time of its display.
  3. The advertiser determines the cost of the visitor's transition to their site.
  4. Impressions of advertisements occur depending on the cost that the advertiser pays for switching over it.
  5. The dependence of the advertising campaign on the audience of the show, since the submission of advertisements is based on the users' search queries.
  6. Clear control of the effectiveness of the company. The number of conversions from advertisements to the site is easy to calculate. In this case, an analysis is made both of the site for advertising and the advertisement itself in relation to the number of its impressions to the number of transitions from it.
  7. Fast return on investment.

Analyzing search queries

Benefit from the receipt and analysis of input searchrequests for any business operating on the Internet is huge. By analyzing these requests, developing business areas are highlighted, and the product adapts to the target audience of users. As a result, the site is promoted in the search engine in the first line of the rating and gets an opportunity to be viewed more often by visitors.

For example, the company is engaged in the implementation of microwave ovens. To find her site on the Internet, the user should enter a request to "buy a microwave".

keywords and phrases

To ensure that the site of the company was as possiblehigher in the search results, the keywords placed on it should be as relevant as possible (consistent with the niche occupied by the company). Then he will outpace the general websites, and he will be visited by more potential buyers.

How to choose keywords

Very simple to handle, but very powerful in its characteristics tool, simplifying the search for keywords in "Yandex", offers a keyword planner "Yandex.Wordstat."

On the main page "Yandex. WORDSTAT "there is a line for the keyword, a number of switchable functions and a" Pick up "button. A key phrase for searching is entered into the line, and the" Pick "button is needed to start it.

Important points:

  • the use of keyword operators is allowed in the line;
  • To exclude superfluous words it is possible also directly in a line.

To refine the search, it is always useful to specifyThe region in which the product or service will be sought. Indication as a region of the whole country gives usually a very large selection of options, so it is better to limit oneself to cities.

keyword planner

After selecting a city, you must put the switch in the "according to" position and click the "Pick" button. A table of two columns appears on the screen.

selection of keywords service

In the left are those phrases that fitunder the entered request, and in the right - words entered by users together with our request. That is, in this column there are keywords that also need to be included in the list. In the same service of "Yandex" you can study the history of requests and determine the demand for any period. To do this, just put the switch in the "History of requests" position.

keyword search in Yandex

Evaluating the information received, you can flexibly change the strategy of contextual advertising, making decisions, how to conduct advertising campaigns in each specific city.

Chrome has developed a convenient plugin,aimed at the selection of keywords - the Yandex Wordstat Helper service, which significantly saves effort and time for searching for keywords in Yandex. You can install it from the Chrome Web Store.

What is Yandex Direct?

Yandex Direct

This is the system of advertising in the advertisingnetwork "Yandex" and its search engine. For each specific user, these ads are individual, because for their placement the system uses those search queries that this user entered into the system earlier. Therefore, such advertising is contextual.

Yandex.Direct simultaneously displays advertisements not only in the search results of Yandex, but also on other resources:

  • "Classmates";
  • "Livejournal";
  • online newspaper "From hand to hand";
  • search engine "Aport";
  • portal

How to conduct an advertising campaign

The strategy of a competent campaign for contextual advertising of a product in the Yandex.Direct system consists of three parts:

  • study and formation of key queries;
  • creation on their basis of effective advertisements;
  • analysis of results.

Forming key queries

The first stage in the formation of an advertising campaign is the definition of the target audience of the advertised service or product, its general characteristics.

The main purpose of the advertising campaign is tocreation of active traffic, which can be achieved only when working with the right target audience. In the event of an error at this stage, the company runs the risk of squandering the advertising budget for low traffic and, as a result, getting the same low efficiency of the entire advertising campaign.

Based on the results of this phase,search for keywords in "Yandex", which are formed from the features of the advertised product. Several selection strategies have been developed, but the use of medium- and low-frequency queries is recognized by experts as the most effective.

Development of advertisements

After searching for keywords in the"Yandex", are compiled advertisements. It is important to use the found key phrases in the headings and text of these ads. A separate announcement is created for each key phrase.

Advertising Locations

Contextual advertising is placed in the issuance in several variants.

Special placement

With this option, the advertisement is located in the upperpart of the pages, which is visible to the user immediately after the opening and is therefore the most profitable. At special placement on the page there are no more than three advertisements used for promotion of sites on narrow queries.

Guaranteed Impressions

For more extensive queries, use the part of the page to the right of the output block. There are up to four static blocks corresponding to the query key phrase.

Ad in rotation

These ads have the lowest cost. However, their shows are not guaranteed. The more number of placed ads corresponds to the request, the less is the chance to display each of them.

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